10 Beautiful Pigeon that Spoils Your Eyes

beautiful pigeon

petsofusa.comBeautiful Pigeon were originally bred in various European and American countries from rock pigeons or wild pigeons. In the end, the results of this breeding gave birth to offspring of various variations of pigeons, both in shape, color and behavior. The results of this breeding are then partly known as Beautiful Pigeon or ornamental pigeons.

Physically, the Beautiful Pigeon does look different. There is a bird whose feathers are like a crown. There is also an Beautiful Pigeon that has a unique feather color. However, all the Beautiful Pigeon are scattered throughout the country on this earth.

Beautiful Pigeon has a relatively more expensive price, because it has a unique characteristic from the shape and color of its fur. No wonder many collectors are very eyeing one of these types of Beautiful Pigeon. In fact, he was willing to spend a lot of money to buy it.

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Beautiful Pigeon that Amaze You

As is known, there are actually many Beautiful Pigeon in various parts of the country in this world, but this time they are taken from those that are often the target of Beautiful Pigeon collectors. Here is the information for you.

1. Bokhara Trumpeter Pigeon

beautiful pigeon

As the name suggests, the Bokhara Trumpeter Pigeon comes from the Bokhara region of Asia. This bird looks like a trumpet. Then another uniqueness in the crested feathers on the head that resembles a rose. Meanwhile, the legs have long leg hairs that hang down to the ground.

2. Lahore Pigeons

beautiful pigeon

The Lahore Pigeon is native to the Lahore area of Pakistan. The unique characteristics of this bird’s body are almost the same as penguins. Yes, this bird has white and black halved. So the front is white, while the back is black.

3. Fantail Pigeon

beautiful pigeon

Most people are captivated by the beauty of the Fantail Pigeon or Fantail. This bird has a unique tail that can expand round like a fan. The number of tail feathers 30-40 strands.

Coming from India and China. The conspicuous markings on its tail are fan-like developments. The drawback is that the child must be cared for by another parent.

4. Jacobin Pigeon

beautiful pigeon

As the name implies, the Jacobin Pigeon has a special characteristic in the form of crest feathers around the neck that resemble Jacob’s coat. The thick fur on the neck almost covers the head. From behind and from the side his head is not visible, but only visible from the front.

It was given this name because the feathers around its head represent the hats worn by the Jacobin priests.

5. Old Dutch Capuchine Pigeon

beautiful pigeon

One of the most idolized Beautiful Pigeon is the Old Dutch Capuchine Pigeon. Because, this bird has a kind of crest growing around the head. So, this pigeon looks very charming and luxurious.

The Old Ducth Capuchine is a breed of luxury pigeon developed over many years by selective breeding. The advantage of this pigeon is the growth of a dense mane or crested feather on the head that is oval in shape on both sides of the neck. The hard work of breeding this variety was carried out by Henk Moezelaar.

6. Oriental Frill Satinette Pigeon

beautiful pigeon

Originally from Turkey. The most popular type is the one that has a white body with stripes on the shoulders, wings, and tail in black, blue and gray brown. It is said that this bird is the royal bird in Turkey.

7. Modena Pigeons

beautiful pigeon

As the name suggests, this pigeon comes from Modena, northern Italy. The characteristics of this bird are round, fat, and short tail. In Indonesia, this bird is divided into two types, namely American Modena and English Modena.

Known as a good cattle pigeon. The famous of this breed is the Gazzi Modena with a white body and colorful head, wings and tail. Including a small dove with a length of 25 cm, but dense fat and elegant style.

8. Maltese Pigeon

beautiful pigeon

Other names for the Maltese Pigeon are Poule Maltais and Malteser. Initially this bird was categorized as a broiler pigeon. However, because of its unique shape, it was eventually developed into an ornamental category. The unique feature of his body is his long neck like a giraffe, while his body is short. The Maltese pigeon is native to Northern Italy near Modena.

9. Polish Helmet Pigeon

beautiful pigeon

This bird comes from Poland and has the characteristic of different feather colors on the head so that it resembles a helmet. The Polish Helmet Pigeon was once black, but over time, the bird has become synonymous with white.

10. Felegyhazer Tumbler Pigeon

beautiful pigeon

There is another Beautiful Pigeon, the Felegyhazer Tumbler Pigeon. This bird comes from the Hungarian area Kiskunfelegyhaza. He used to be a high-flying bird, but now he’s an ornamental dove. The beauty of this bird can be seen in the crested feathers behind the head.

Those are some of the best types of Beautiful Pigeon complete with pictures. Some of these pigeons have a fat and large body. So that people make it a broiler pigeon.

However, if you look around, of course, the price of Beautiful Pigeon is more expensive than broiler pigeons. Therefore, rather than being sold by kilograms, it is better for the bird to be sold for its beauty and be entered in a beauty contest. So Pigeons can be sold expensive.

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