7 Bengal Cat Facts and Their Types

bengal cat

petsofusa.comBengal Cat -Most animal lovers, especially cats, will definitely fall in love with the striped fur pattern of the margay, ocelot, leopard, or other wild cats. However, maintaining this type of bengal cat is certainly very difficult, because it requires preparation, care and obeying the rules of the authorities.

Keeping such stray cats also carries a risk of danger so we must be careful when interacting. This is because the wild cat has several times greater destructive ability than the domestic cat. Of course this kind of thing will cause a lot of problems when we maintain it.

But did you know that the breeds of spotted cats like Savannah cat, Ocicat, Toyger and Bengal can be the best solution if we want to keep a cat with a fierce appearance. These cats are domestic cats that have the physical shape and color typical of wild cats but have characteristics like cats that are commonly kept.

These unique cats are well-liked not only because of their spotted, rosette, or marble fur patterns, but also because of their liveliness and intelligence.

Well, one of the most popular breeds of spotted cat kept today is the bengal cat. So what makes the Bengal Cat so popular? what is unique and how is it? Here is the full explanation.

Bengal Cat Origin

bengal cat

Bengal Cat is a type of cat breed that comes from a mixture of several types of cats, namely Asian Leopard, Egyptian Mau, Abyssinian, Burmese, and American Shorthair. The Bengal cat comes from California, United States.

There is an interesting story related to the origin of the bengal cat. In 1960, a researcher named California’s Jean Mills studied a disease that often affects cats. In the study, Mills found that feral cats such as lions and tigers tend to be more immune to various diseases.

After that, Mills bred the Asian Leopard cat and concluded that the resulting cat breed was also immune to various types of diseases.

Shortly after, Mills bred his female Asian Leopard cat with a local black male cat who later produced a spotted kitten with an extra strong immune system.

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Mills then took the initiative to mate one of the daughters from the marriage with a local black male cat, resulting in a bengal cat.

At that time the offspring from the marriage produced a cat with a distinctive pattern like the Asian Leopard cat but with a body shape like a local cat.

Bengal Cat is a cat with a dashing and big appearance. Generally, this type of cat has a distinctive color pattern that is dominated by black or brown. The male Bengal cat weighs up to 10 kilograms, while the female Bengal Cat only weighs about 4 to 5 kilograms.

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Bengal Cat Facts

bengal cat

Bengal Cat are very intelligent and mobile, and love to climb and play with water. Want to know more about interesting facts about Bengal cats? Come on, see the full review below.

1. Have A Lot Of Energy

The Bengal cat is one of the most energetic cats. This feisty cat is very active and almost always “on the move”. They also have a tendency to be wary. This trait was needed by his leopard ancestors to survive.

Bengal cats love to play with humans and will voice their desire to interact with their owners. On several occasions this cat is known to often engage in “negative” behavior. For example, hiding jewelry or other objects to attract the attention of the owner.

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2. Wild Origin

The Bengal breed was achieved by mating a small, wild Asian leopard with a domesticated cat, resulting in the “wild” look that many people like, without any part of the wild aggression.

Bengal Cat was first bred by Jean Mill in the 1960s in the United States, and was officially recognized by the International Cat Association in 1991.

3. Dashing Cat

Although not as big as the Maine Coon giant cat, the Bengal cat still has a muscular and athletic build. Generally, Bengal cats can weigh 8-15 pounds. In short, they are not tiny pets or cats.

These cats have fur with spots similar to that of a leopard, giving them the appearance of an exotic bobcat. The Bengal cat is the only domestic cat breed with rosette markings on its fur. These spots can come in a variety of colors, including dark yellow, brown, and black.

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4. Likes Water

Bengal Cat have a unique penchant for playing in water. It’s not uncommon for a Bengal to join its owner in the bathroom.

5. Glittering Feathers

If you look closely, Bengal fur may appear to have an iridescent sheen. This property is also called “shimmering”, or “glittering”. This character makes the Bengal cat’s fur look like it’s been dusted with golden fairy dust. Most cat enthusiasts agree that this unique trait further enhances the beauty of the Bengal cat.

6. Easy to Train

Bengal Cat is a very intelligent cat breed. They love to learn new tricks, and they can be trained to perform simple commands like picking up a toy. They can even be trained to walk with their owners on a leash. Interesting right?

7. Like to Interact

Bengal cats thrive on consistent interactions. These social animals enjoy spending time with their owners. If you go to work most of the day, consider having a second cat in your home. Because, Bengal cats like to have friends to play with.

Remember, if you don’t give Bengal enough attention or activity to keep him busy, he will find or ‘break’ things in an attempt to entertain himself.

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Bengal Cat Breed

bengal cat

Based on the pattern of fur color, the Bengal cat can be divided into two different types, namely rosetted spotted and marble where each is divided into several types of naming according to the style, namely:

1. Rosetted Spotted Bengal Cat

Generally, bengal cats with rosetted spotted fur color patterns have spots or spots all over their body. Based on the rosetted spotted pattern, the Bengal cat is divided into five types according to the pattern, including:

Arrow Rosetted

The rosetted bengal arrow cat has a spotted fur color pattern similar to the shape of an arrow.

Rosette Pawprint

As the name implies, the rosetted white pawprint cat has a very unique pattern of spotted fur resembling the shape of a dog’s footprints.

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Donut Rosetted

The rosetted donut cat has a fur color with a spotted pattern that is similar to a donut. The outside of this pattern tends to be darker than the inside of the pattern.

Donut Rosetted With Chaining

Like the rosetted donut bengal, the rosetted with chaining donut pattern is known for the spots on its body that are donut-shaped but aligned parallel to the spine.

Cloud Rosetted

The bengal cloud rosetted cat has fur or color with spots like a cloud pattern.

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2. Bengal Marble Cat

Not only do they have a spotted fur color pattern, there is also a bengal cat with a different pattern known as the marble pattern.

Like the rosetted spotted pattern, the marble pattern is further divided into five different types, namely horizontal flowing marble, bullseye pattern, chaos pattern marble, closed pattern or sheet marble, and reduced pattern horizontal flowing marble.

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