Top 7 Best Bird As Pet (Update 2021)

best bird as pet

Best bird as pet – One way to deal with boredom and stress is to raise birds. Find out the best bird as pet that is easy to care for and suitable for beginners here!

Like pets in general, pet bird care levels vary.

best bird as pet

Before starting to raise birds, it’s a good idea to know the best bird as pet that is suitable for you to keep.

If you are still a beginner in maintaining this one animal, you can start raising birds that are easy to care for.

If you are really interested in keeping these animals, check out this review!

Top 7 Best Bird As Pet (Easy for Beginner)

Keeping birds is very exciting. Especially if the bird interacts with us.

It really makes the mind instantly refreshed.

Actually, there are many benefits that you get from keeping birds.

For that, let’s know the best bird as pet that you can choose:

  • Love birds
  • Canaries
  • Parakeet
  • Cockatiel
  • Pacific Parrotlet
  • Cockatoo bird
  • Pigeons

1. Love birds

best bird as pet

This type of lovebird is very liked by children because of its colorful feathers.

This tame bird can also be trained in its ability to participate in the chirping bird sound competition.

Lovebirds are known to be intelligent and can be trained to perform attractions.

best bird as pet

Because of its beauty and ease of care, this bird is quite popular as a pet bird by many people.

This bird is one of the best bird as pet because it can interact with humans.

2. Canaries

best bird as pet

Canaries are a type of pet bird at home that is good at imitating the sounds of other birds.

Because of their small size, canaries are not too dangerous for children and families.

best bird as pet

Canary care is also quite easy.

You only need to provide daily food, drink, drying, and cleaning the walnut cage regularly.

Therefore, canaries are one of the best bird as pet.

3. Parakeet

best bird as pet

Parakeets are very similar to lovebirds because of their similar body size.

However, the parakeet has a different feather pattern because there are black stripes around the head and back.

best bird as pet

If it is tame, this bird can be used as a trained best bird as pet and can be invited to play outside the cage.

For maintenance, it is quite easy, you only need to give food every day, clean the cage, provide water, and do the drying as needed.

4. Cockatiel

best bird as pet

Cockatiels are commonly known as falks, Australian parakeets, miniature cockatoos, and werios.

Cockatiels can be trained to be pet birds that can perform various agility attractions.

Not only smart in attraction, this bird can also imitate the voices of humans and other birds.

Even this bird is able to imitate the sound of car horns, microwaves, and the sound of a bell.

best bird as pet

Therefore, many people make this bird the best bird as pet.

For maintenance is very easy.

You only need to clean the cage regularly, provide nutritious feed, provide clean drinking water, and also need to dry for a while.

5. Pacific Parrotlet

best bird as pet

This parrot is a bird with a high curiosity and sometimes quite aggressive when pursuing something they find interesting.

This type of pet bird in the house can be tamed easily with the right care.

best bird as pet

Many people make this bird the best bird as pet.

Besides being a beautiful color, this bird also has a high intelligence.

So many people like this type of bird.

6. Cockatoo bird

There are many types of parrots.

Cockatoos, often referred to as “Cacato”, “Crockadore”, “Cokato”, “Cocatore” and “Cocatoo”, especially in the 18th century, are very attractive birds to keep that come in a variety of sizes and colors.

best bird as pet

This bird is also considered one of the most famous parrots.

This type of parrot is an ideal best bird as pet, especially for first-time bird owners.

The parrot breed has a reputation for being very curious and loving.

Their vibrant appearance goes hand in hand with their enthusiastic demeanor, and that is what has made these birds unique throughout the centuries.

best bird as pet

In addition to their attractive and beautiful color variations and mutations, like other birds, parrots also have a friendly personality and are very intelligent by nature.

They really like to play and be with people and they love to cuddle.

7. Pigeons

best bird as pet

No less interesting than other birds, beautiful pigeon are also the best bird as pet.

The maintenance is easy and inexpensive, and this bird can be used as a speed competition.

This bird is also able to make money if it wins the speed race.

best bird as pet

To train it is quite easy.

You just need to be diligent in practicing it every day in order to win the pigeon speed competition.


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