Best Pet Cat For People With Allergies (New 2021)

best pet cat for people with allergies

Best pet cat for peolple with allergies – Want to have a cat but hesitate because you have allergies? Don’t worry, it turns out that there is a best pet cat for people with allergies.

While no cat breed is scientifically hypoallergenic, there are studies that claim that some breeds of cat are less likely to trigger allergies.

The reason is that some of these cat breeds produce less of the Fel d 1 protein, a common allergen.

best pet cat for people with allergies

Cat breeds that are considered good for people with allergies vary in appearance and character.

However, it’s important to note that each cat in this breed can still trigger allergies, as each cat will have slightly different allergens.

best pet cat for people with allergies

In addition, most people who have a cat allergy are not allergic to cat dander but to the proteins in their saliva, urine, and fur.


by consistently cleaning areas of the house where cats spend most of their time can help reduce some of these allergens.

Best pet cat for people with allergies

Here are some types of best pet cat for people with allergies:

  • Balinese Cat
  • Cornish Rex cat
  • Devon Rex cat
  • Oriental cat
  • Siamese cat
  • Sphynx cat

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1. Balinese Cat

balinese cat

The Balinese cat is almost identical to the Siamese cat breed in many ways, except for its long coat and fur-filled tail.

Keep in mind, even though the name is a Balinese cat, this cat is not from Bali.

The distinctive physical features of this cat are the wedge-shaped head, slender body and blue eyes.

balinese cat

Despite its long coat, it has a loving and active nature.

The fur is also not easy to fall out and only needs to be brushed every week.

These cats may also have less of the allergenic Fel d 1 protein than many other cats.

2. Cornish Rex cat

Cornish Rex cat

Some people believe that Cornish Rex’s short wavy coat is less likely to shed as much as long-haired cats or cats with thick fur.

The distinctive physical characteristics of this cat are its curved body, high cheekbones and large ears.

These cats are generally very intelligent and active, and they like to be the center of attention.

Cornish Rex cat


this cat is the best pet cat for people with allergies.

3. Devon Rex cat

Devon Rex cat

Like the Cornish Rex, some people also recommend the Devon Rex as one of the best pet cat types for people with allergies.

Its wavy coat tends to shed less, thus minimizing the spread of dandruff and other allergens in the home.

Devon Rex cat

The distinctive physical characteristics of this cat are its large ears, slender neck, and prominent eyes.

This breed of cat is quite friendly and playful, and they prefer to be involved in what their owners are doing.

So this type of cat is suitable for those of you who have cat allergies.

4. Oriental cat

Oriental cat

The Oriental cat is a cross between several cat breeds, including the American, Abyssinian and Siamese shorthair.

This cat is quite athletic, playful and intelligent.

It also has a moderate hair growth rate that only needs to be brushed a few times a week.

Oriental cat

Rubbing it with a damp cloth can also help remove dead hair and dandruff to minimize allergens.


this cat is the best pet cat for people with allergies.

5. Siamese cat

The popular Siamese cat is also considered a low allergen cat breed, although there is no definitive scientific evidence of this.

Siamese cat

This curious cat has a low-maintenance coat that doesn’t shed much and only needs a weekly brush.

However they generally like to be around their favorite humans as much as possible, which may trigger allergies in some people.

6. Sphynx cat

Sphynx cat

Although the Sphynx cat is generally described as a hairless cat.

They actually have fluffy fur that feels almost like suede when stroked.

Like all cat breeds, the Sphynx cat produces fur.

Sphynx cat

However, if you bathe it often, the presence of dandruff can be minimized.

So this type of cat is the best pet cat for people with allergies.

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Tips for keeping a cat for those who are already exposed to allergies

For those of you who already have a cat but are just aware of having a cat allergy, you should always pay attention to the cleanliness of the cat’s fur.

You also have to clean the cat’s place.

Cat litter box.

And also regularly provide nutritious food for cats.

If you are allergic to the smell of cat urine, you should give the cat to someone else.

Because if you feel this way, your head will feel very dizzy and nauseous.

It’s a good idea to have another pet if you feel this way.


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