Betta Fish Pet Care: The Right Steps (New 2021)

betta fish pet care

Betta fish pet care – Keeping betta fish is now a trend, so you must know betta fish pet care. Many people are attracted to maintain because of the beauty of the shape and color.

Not only that, how to maintain it is also fairly easy.

You need to pay attention to the following points.

betta fish pet care

If a betta fish is kept in the wrong way, it will damage its fins and tail.

So, how to properly care for betta fish? Do the following steps.

Betta Fish Pet Care

Betta fish pet care is something you must do to keep your betta fish healthy and emit beautiful colors.

Here is a betta fish pet care that you can do:

  • Prepare an Aquarium or Container
  • Pay attention to the water used
  • Regular Aquarium Cleaning
  • Put the Ketapang Leaves in the Water
  • Occasionally dried in the sun
  • Give Nutritious Food

1. Prepare an Aquarium or Container

betta fish pet care

If you want to keep a betta fish, the first thing you need to prepare is an aquarium or container.

It is recommended to use an aquarium or small container only.

betta fish pet care

With a small size, will make it easier for you to do cleaning.

Usually the prepared container is approximately 20x15x15 centimeters or 30x15x20 centimeters.

2. Pay attention to the water used

The second step is to pay attention to the water used.

Water conditions directly affect the survival of betta fish.

betta fish pet care

In this regard, you can use well water or tap water that has been deposited to neutralize water from various chemicals in it.

3. Regular Aquarium Cleaning

betta fish pet care

The right way to take care of the next betta fish is to clean the aquarium regularly.

This step needs to be done every 2-3 days.

betta fish pet care

Don’t forget to first settle the water used to replace it, okay?

This is done so that the chemicals in the water settle and do not harm the betta fish.

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4. Put the Ketapang Leaves in the Water

In addition to paying attention to water quality, the right way to care for betta fish is then done by placing the processed ketapang leaves in the aquarium.

These leaves work as a natural antibiotic that can help heal wounds to your betta, including broken or torn tails and fins.

betta fish pet care

In addition, ketapang leaves can make the pH of the water normal.

Good ketapang leaves for betta can be obtained from the coast.

5. Occasionally dried in the sun

Not only humans who need to sunbathe, betta fish also need sunlight.

Betta fish need to be dried in the sun to kill bacteria and fungi on the skin and container.

betta fish pet care

Occasional sunbathing can also keep your betta from stress.

A good time to sunbathe is 8-10 am.

6. Give Nutritious Food

The right way to care for the last betta fish is to provide nutritious food to stimulate its growth.

Nutritious food can trigger the growth of betta fish tail very quickly.

betta fish pet care

Some of the recommended types of food are, mosquito larvae, water fleas, and others.

To feed, just sprinkle food powder into the container.

7. Giving Salt

Sprinkling salt can also be done as a way to treat injured betta fish.

Ornamental fish salt functions as an osmosis balancer in the body of betta fish.

betta fish pet care

In addition to healing wounds, salt is also believed to stabilize the body’s metabolism of betta fish.

How to give betta fish salt is 0.1 percent of water or the equivalent of 10 grams of salt containing 1 liter of water.

8. Giving Methyl Blue

The last way to treat betta fish is to give it methyl blue.

Methyl blue is very good for speeding up the process of growing broken betta fins.

In fact, betta fish fin growth can take place in less than a week.

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Those are some betta fish pet care.

You need to know if the beauty of betta fish lies in its fins and tail.

So, it needs proper care to maintain the beauty of both.


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