10 Betta Fish Most Popular in America

betta fish

petsofusa.com Betta fish is a type of freshwater ornamental fish that has many fans. Usually people buy betta fish to beautify the aquarium or as a collection. In addition, betta fish will be very profitable for buying and selling. There is even the most expensive betta fish.

The owner of the Latin name Betta SP, is easily available in the Southeast Asian region which is its habitat. Especially the areas of Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, and Singapore.

The types also vary, ranging from the most mainstream and the rarest. From among betta fish fans, the types are divided into three, namely complaints, ornamental, and wild.

Besides being a hobby, keeping betta fish can also help you relieve stress. Because betta fish have beautiful colors and also have fins like a dress that can spoil your eyes.

Some of these betta fish are known as mouth breeders, namely betta fish that incubate their eggs in their mouths and some build their nests with foam or bublie nests.

Betta fish are one of the strong fish to survive for a long time, so if the fish is placed in a container with a small volume of water and without an air circulation device and an aerator, these fish can still survive. Therefore, this is the reason betta fish are loved and kept by many people.

Betta Fish Are Widely Kept in America

Below is information about the most famous and widely kept betta fish species in the United States:

1. Plakat Betta

betta fish

The Plakat Betta is a short-tailed betta which in Thai means complaint. Plakat means hickey complaints or fight betta. In contrast to ornamental hickeys, plakat are usually more reliable to fight and are better at fighting the same kinds. This betta has a hard color and fin shape.

This type is a type of betta complaints that enter the type of ornamental fish. The plaque itself comes from the Thai language which means “Fight”.

The price itself is quite high because it is a rare species as well. The body color of the plakat is very bright and will not fade when fighting.

The movement of the plakat betta fish is very aggressive. This type is a reliable swimmer who can protect it by spreading the front fins to scare the opponent.

2. Giant Betta

betta fish

The type of giant betta fish is a cross of various types of betta. Giant betta fish is a term for betta fish that have a body that is much larger than the usual betta. In fact, there are giant betta fish that can reach 10-15 cm in length.

Giant betta fish is a betta fish that comes from Thailand and is found in rivers and lakes there. Giant betta fish will be very suitable to be used as fighting betta fish because of their large and more aggressive body. Because of its large size, the price is also more expensive than ordinary betta fish.

3. Double Tail Betta

betta fish

The type of expensive betta fish that is suitable to be kept next is the double tail betta fish. The double tail betta looks very similar to the halfmoon betta, the betta fish is known as a piece moon and is quite popular.

The difference is, this fish has a tail that is split or forked in two. Because of its characteristics, this fish was finally named with double tail alias double tail.

This fish also has quite a variety of color variations. This fish is quite rare in the market and is usually sold at a relatively more expensive price than other betta fish. And the double tail betta fish is also a betta fish which is difficult to cultivate.

4. Fancy Betta Fish

betta fish

The type of expensive betta fish that is suitable to be kept next is the type of fancy betta fish. Fancy betta fish have fins that are not as large as halfmoon betta fish, but this type of betta fish has beautiful colors.

Fancy betta fish are famous for their very beautiful painting-like degradation color combinations that make fancy betta fish expensive.

Therefore, among betta fish lovers, fancy betta is the right choice because of the uniqueness of the various colors and is very suitable if kept because of the beauty of the color.

5. Halfmoon Betta

betta fish

As the name implies, the hallmark of this one betta fish has fins and tail that seem to merge and form a semicircle. Very beautiful, isn’t it?

Historically, this fish was discovered by breeders from the United States in 1982. Halfmoon has a wide tail opening close to 180 degrees.

Halfmoon betta is a type of complaint, but it would be better as an ornamental fish to maintain the beauty of its fins and color.

6. Crowntail Betta

betta fish

Or what is also called a hickey serit. This is the first type of betta to be cultivated in Indonesia. The shape of the fins is like a needle that forms a series or comb of hair. Until now, Indonesia is known as a producer of this type of hickey. Historically, this hickey was developed by Ahmad Yusuf, a breeder from East Jakarta in 1997. He crossed a local hickey with an imported Thai breed which is blue and has a deltaic tail and is serrated.

Named the ‘crown tail’ because of the tail that will form like a crown when turned over. This one fish is also classified as an expensive type of betta fish because it is quite rare in the market.

7. Paradise Betta

There are many types of Paradise Bettas in Southeast Asia such as several areas in Indonesia, namely Sumatra, Java, and Bali. This fish includes wild betta which is now increasingly difficult to find so the price is quite expensive.

8. Dumbo Ear Betta

betta fish

Big Ear belongs to the type of betta fish that is expensive. The shape of the large side fins like elephant ears is what attracts this fish.

9. Veiltail Betta Fish

betta fish

Try to pay attention to the tail of this betta fish. Interesting right? The Veiltail betta tail is famous for being charming. Interested in keeping it at home?

10. Slayer Betta Fish

betta fish

This species is the result of a cross between the Serit and Halfmoon types. Hence, the appearance also looks very unique. Its wide fins but slender body looks so charming.

Mostly found in Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, this betta lives in the waters of Sumatra, Java, Bali. Because many have been looking, this fish is quite expensive and the most difficult to find.

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Betta fish is a type of fish that easily survives even in low oxygen conditions. Therefore, many Americans like to keep betta fish for room decoration or living room.

Betta fish have wide fins like a dress that makes people amazed when they see it. Not only wide fins, betta fish also have attractive colors that are pleasing to the eye.

Because it has attractive colors and fins, betta fish can also relieve stress after a tired day at work. For a moment watching this betta fish swimming, then the stress in our minds will immediately disappear.

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