9 Black Orchid Betta Best Care

black orchid betta

petsofusa.comBlack Orchid Betta has a mostly black body, with slight variations in light color on the back scales. Usually this color variation is blue, red or white which will make the appearance of this fish look very exotic.

This type of fish usually appears at the time of breeding using two marbling betta fish. Although the chance of the appearance of this Black Orchid Betta fish is very low, so it becomes natural that the price is quite expensive.

Betta fish are one of the most popular ornamental fish in the world because of their beautiful color and tail. In addition, this one fish is quite easy to maintain. Keeping fish has benefits to relieve stress.

Betta fish as freshwater fish that come from the genus Betta, betta fish themselves are divided into three groups, namely:

  • Ornamental Betta Fish
  • Fighting Betta Fish
  • Wild Betta Fish.

These fish are then further divided into several types, namely:

  • Double Tail
  • Halfmoon Plaque
  • Halfmoon
  • Crowntail
  • Giants.

Meanwhile, for the genetic variation of Betta fish species, it is very difficult to calculate with numbers. Betta fish with a variety of colors and shapes and are included in the fighting fish. The reason Betta fish prices reach tens of millions is because these fish are not easy to produce.

Although it can reproduce in large numbers, the number of children mutating to the desired color is not easy. In addition, this can also be caused by the price of the parent which is also expensive.

From a physical point of view, the high-priced betta fish are not only unique and beautiful, but also because of their brave mentality.

Black Orchid Betta and Treatments

black orchid betta

Here’s what you should pay attention to in keeping the Black Orchid Betta:

1. Choose the Right Container Size

The first way to keep a betta fish is to choose a container or aquarium in which to live. Betta fish can live in any size aquarium, but it is better to keep them in small containers. Like, diameter 20 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm. You can add small stones or fake plants to make it look more colorful.

2. Water for Betta Fish

How to care for betta fish to keep it looking beautiful and healthy is to use the right water. Good water for keeping betta is fresh fish from a well.

The use of fresh water is highly recommended because it has characteristics that are not much different from the betta fish’s natural habitat, namely rice fields and swamps.

Lastly, avoid using chloramines and chlorine as they are harmful to betta fish.

3. Pay Attention to Water Volume

If you use a betta fish container without a lid, you should only fill it with about 40% water. This is useful to prevent the betta fish from jumping out.

4. How to Put Betta Fish in a New Container

One way to keep betta fish from dying quickly is to be careful when transferring these fish to other containers.

Transfer the betta fish to a container using a container that also contains a little water. Also, don’t change the water drastically. It is better to mix old water with new. This will make it easier for the betta fish to adjust to the water.

Also avoid using fishing nets or touching them directly as this can damage their delicate fins.

5. Changing Betta Fish Water

One way to take care of betta fish to grow fast is to change the water in the aquarium every three days. However, you have to be careful when changing the water. First, move the betta fish to a temporary storage container.

As previously mentioned, when moving water, avoid direct contact with your betta or using a filter. We recommend using a small container, then remove the betta fish along with a little water.

Clean the fish container from dirt and mucus that sticks. Do not wash it with soap or detergent because it can poison the betta fish. Simply wipe with a sponge until clean, including any stones and other accessories in the aquarium.

When finished, please fill again with water and then wait a while for the water to match the room temperature. Finally, put the betta fish back into the aquarium.

6. Drying Betta Fish

One way to treat betta fish so that the color is good is to dry them. This activity aims to make the fish fresher and at the same time kill bacteria and fungi on the skin and the container.

Betta fish should be dried in the sun from 08.00 to 10.00 in the morning for 15-30 minutes only. However, don’t dry your betta fish too often, just occasionally.

The exception is for betta fish whose skin color is dominated by black such as the Black Orchid Betta. You don’t need to dry this type of betta fish because it can panic and stress when it is dried in the sun.

If your betta looks frantic when it’s out in the sun, quickly move it to a shady place until it’s comfortable again.

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7. Give Nutritious Food

One of the most important ways to take care of betta fish to grow big is to provide food that has good nutrition. Feed in the form of living things is believed to make betta fish grow better than if given dry food.

Some types of good food include water fleas, shrimp, mosquito larvae, caterpillars, and worms. You don’t need to feed your betta fish too often. In one day, betta fish are enough to be fed twice a day.

In addition, you can also provide vitamins for betta fish, such as katapang leaves and teak leaves. Katapang leaves are believed to be a medicine for injured betta fish. The reason is, katapang leaves can optimize the pH in the aquarium, so that the aquarium conditions are better for the recovery of betta fish wounds.

8. Giving Salt

Sprinkling salt can also be done as a way to treat injured betta fish. Ornamental fish salt functions as an osmosis balancer in the body of betta fish. In addition to healing wounds, salt is also believed to stabilize the body’s metabolism of betta fish.

How to give betta fish salt is 0.1 percent of water or the equivalent of 10 grams of salt containing 1 liter of water.

9. Giving Methyl Blue

The last way to treat betta fish is to give it methyl blue. Methyl blue is very good for speeding up the process of growing broken betta fins. In fact, betta fish fin growth can take place in less than a week.

Specialties and Advantages of Betta Fish, Especially Black Orchid Betta

black orchid betta

Some of the features that betta fish themselves have include:

1. Unique Shapes and Colors

This is the first feature of betta fish, especially the Black Orchid Betta. Another specialty of betta fish is the shape of the size of the tail and fins are quite large. In fact, it exceeds the size of the betta fish itself.

2. High Survival Ability

Betta fish as one of the fish with a high survival ability, betta fish can survive even in water environments with minimal oxygen levels. This fish can even survive if placed in a container with a small volume of water and no air circulation.

3. Easy Maintenance

The ability to survive betta fish also makes its maintenance quite easy. It can live in water with minimal oxygen levels, even betta fish can live just by being placed in a jar.

It does not cost much to maintain this fish, the maintenance of betta fish is also economically priced depending on the needs.

black orchid betta

The Black Orchid Betta must get the best care, so that the colors on the fish’s body can remain attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Give enough feed and don’t overdo it. Because if it’s too much it will make the water dirty quickly and smell bad.

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