Black Samurai Betta , Get to Know The Other 4 Types

black samurai betta

petsofusa.comBlack Samurai Betta. Betta Samurai is one type of betta fish that is in great demand by betta fish fans. Especially the Black Samurai Betta type, a fish known in the Malay region as the Black samurai fighting fish, has a dark body with shiny dragon scales that characterizes this Betta fish.

There are many types of Samurai Betta, including Black Samurai Betta, Red Samurai Betta, Blue Samurai Betta, and Orange Samurai Betta.

But is it true that the betta is a samurai betta? Although there is no official rule that the Samurai Betta should be like what. Sometimes it makes us confused what is the difference between the Black Samurai Betta and the Black Mamba Betta for example. Because they both look the same.

Luckily the author found a source that explains the history of the origin of the name Samurai Betta fish. Hopefully it can provide a little enlightenment for betta fish hobbyists.

Black Samurai Betta

The name Samurai Betta was introduced by the Thai Pichet Plaisanguan who also made the Dragon Betta known. According to him, there are several criteria that must be met by Betta Samurai specifically, because behind the name Samurai there is a basic concept behind naming the Betta samurai.

The name Samurai means a knight, and a knight has a helmet of steel.

So the Samurai Betta must have a head with metallic scales. While other body parts ideally should be without metal scales at all.

For body color, it doesn’t really matter whether it’s black, red, orange, or yellow. Although the black-bodied Black Samurai Betta was the first to be a reference, and also the most well known.

To produce the “perfect” Samurai Betta is very difficult and rarely produced. This is why even though they don’t meet the criteria for a samurai betta, they are still sold under the hickey Samurai label.

Many fish breeders sell low quality Dragon Bettas as Samurai Bettas. So what makes the benchmark differentiating Betta Dragon and Samurai.

As a rule of thumb, the fewer dragon scales on the body the better, while the betta’s head should be full of metallic scales. The contrast between the head and the body is the determining factor.

Samurai Betta and Its Various Types

There are various types of samurai betta fish that are currently known by the public. Here is a list of samurai betta fish and their types.

Black Samurai Betta

black samurai betta

Mr. Wat von Tapong Betta (Now Station Beta) is the first Farm to cultivate Black Samurai Betta.

Blue Samurai Betta

black samurai betta

The Blue Samurai Betta is a samurai type betta that has a blue body and is very exotic from other types of samurai. Because the blue samurai hickey has a very suitable color combination, namely black and blue.

Red Samurai Betta

black samurai betta

The Red Samurai Betta is not as famous as its “brother” the black samurai Betta. Maybe because the appearance of the red samurai fish is later than the black samurai.

As well as the type of black samurai fish that have a red body and have metallic fins on their heads are also difficult to find.

Orange Samurai Betta

black samurai betta

The Orange samurai betta is also rare. The orange color also provides less contrast like the black color on the black samurai betta. This is probably one of the reasons why this type of hickey is more expensive than other types, because it is rarely found.

Difference Between Black Samurai Betta and Black Mamba Betta

What exactly is the difference between black samurai betta and black mamba betta and the characteristics of each?

Nothing. Yes, there is almost no difference between black samurai betta and black mamba betta. Because the black mamba betta and the black samurai betta are still the same genetic, namely the dragon betta fish, to be precise, the black dragon betta.

Only each breeder gives his own betta name, namely, samurai and mamba. And each have their own genetics.

A betta that has a samurai pattern on a mamba betta is called a black samurai mamba betta.

The Black Mamba betta fish was developed by one of them by Teng Betta Thailand who developed this black mamba betta fish for 2 years from the black dragon betta genetics.

Other Kinds of Betta Samurai

Although initially the name samurai hickey referred to a “knight” which was identical to dashing in black or blue, now contemporary samurai betta fish have emerged that have metallic helmets but “beautiful” body colors. Among others are :

  • Samurai Candy Galaxy
  • Samurai Koi Galaxy

Black Samurai Betta and Its Simple Maintenance

For those of you who want to keep betta fish with the black samurai betta type, the thing you need to pay close attention to is the condition of the water.

The required water conditions are with a pH of 6.1 to 7.1. The goal is to maintain the color of the fish in order to remain attractive. To measure the pH of this water to be more accurate, you can buy paper to measure pH at an affordable price.

In order to get a good water pH, then you can use good quality ketapang leaves. Giving ketapang leaves in the water where the betta fish is will help to make the fish color better and blacker.

So, for those of you who have a limited budget but want to keep betta fish, then this black samurai betta fish can be the right choice. However, still pay attention to good care so that the color of the fish remains beautiful.

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