13 Most Adorable British Shorthair Traits

british shorthair

petsofusa.comBritish Shorthair cat as the name suggests this cat is from the UK, this cat has indeed attracted many people in England and Europe. Not only in Europe and the UK, in America the British Shorthair has a lot of fans. This is because the British Shorthair has a very adorable behavior. Want to know what are the characteristics of this British Shorthair? Read the information below to the end.

British shorthair cat is a cat that has a medium to large size, the size depends on what you feed it as a daily nutritional intake, it belongs to a very strong and muscular cat, endowed with thick bones they are very attractive from the appearance to what is there in his body.

As a strong cat, everything in this breed can be developed very well, the british shorthair has a broad and large chest and a fairly good muscular neck and very strong jaw. This breed looks like what it is because everything displayed by its body is what it is.

Although it has medium fur and is relatively short, this breed is a race that has very dense fur and the texture of its fur can be said to be quite hard and not soft. When you are committed to keeping a British shorthair cat, you should not lift this cat on the lower abdomen behind it, because according to studies, this is the part that this breed hates the most.

British Shorthair History

british shorthair

The british shorthair cat is a cat that was in the movie puss in boots and also in the movie cheshire cat of alice in wonderland, so you could say this breed is quite popular in mainland britain because of its very impressive physique coupled with its intelligence and calm.

This breed is a native of mainland England. The rise of animal shows in the Victorian era made cat keepers begin to breed with certain standards and popularize the breed they created.

At the earliest animal shows in the Victorian era, this breed was the only breed shown, because of this breed also a lot of animal shows began and many breeders began to develop new breeds in the Victorian era.

When there were two world wars that destroyed and eliminated most of the cat breeds in the world, thankfully this breed is what was left after World War II, with the help of other breeds such as the short hair type, they were finally revitalized.

The ACA or American Cat Association has registered for this breed since 1967, but it was only accepted by international organizations including the FIFe in 1980, which until now most of the cat lover associations registered this breed as an official breed.

British Shorthair Traits Most Adorable

british shorthair

As we mentioned above, the features of British Shorthair are very easy to distinguish. Well, here we explain one by one so you can recognize them:

  1. Male body weight can reach 6 to 10 kg.
  2. Female body weight can reach 4 to 7 kg.
  3. Able to live about 12 to 20 years, especially if properly cared for.
  4. The eye shape is round.
  5. The chin is round.
  6. There are muscles in the chest.
  7. Has a very snub-shaped nose.
  8. The head and cheeks are round.
  9. Has round eyes.
  10. The fur is short and has several types of color variants.
  11. The neck has a wide curve and is straight up to the chin.
  12. The posture is quite short and solid.
  13. His legs are long and his nails are strong.

In addition, this cute animal is similar to the Scottish fold cat. Especially the Scottish fold which has a gray blue color. When viewed by the layman, the two are very identical.

However, there is a difference between the two, namely in the earlobe. The British shorthair has normal ears, while the Scottish fold has folds. So, before adopting a british shorthair cat, identify it first so you don’t make the wrong choice.

British Shorthair Cat Characteristics

british shorthair

The British shorthair is a cat breed that is gentle and easy-going. They are suitable to be your friends and family at home because they are very friendly.

But unfortunately, they are not the type of spoiled cat. In fact, they are sometimes quite a troublesome type of cat.

Even so, the British shorthair is included in the ranks of cute and adorable cat breeds. The body shape is stocky and quite large.

This cute animal is perfect for those of you who want to have a cat full of love and calm voice. They are generally not noisy. They are also a type of cat that likes to sit on their master’s lap.

They will always follow you. However, these cats do not like to be held, because, they are very sensitive when held in the lower abdomen.

How to Take Care of a British Shorthair Cat

british shorthair

As mentioned above, this cat has a relatively long life. Especially if we diligently take good care of it.

Proper care will keep him healthy and live longer. If you want to adopt it at home, know in advance how to take care of the following:

Bathing a British Shorthair

It’s good to bathe this cute cat once a week. Or, if the condition of the body is still clean, it can be done every two weeks.

After the british shorthair cat has been bathed, please take the time to comb her hair so that the dead hair can be removed. Do not forget to also clean the ear area to avoid fleas and mites. Also brush their teeth using a soft brush.

Cutting Nails

This cute animal, is a type of hunting cat. Generally they will be very happy and comfortable having long nails. You can trim the nails or leave them long.

But if the nails interfere, you can trim them regularly. To cut their nails, use a special cat nail clipper, yes.

Do not use a special human nail clipper. The reason is, cat nail clippers have been specially designed for more optimal, easy and safe cuts for cats.

Cat Litter

There are many places to sell british shorthair cats, but also make sure you buy a place for them to defecate, okay? The goal is that they do not defecate carelessly.

In addition, they also need privacy, just like humans. Place their defecation away from where they drink and eat.

Don’t forget to always be diligent in cleaning the bowel regularly. Because the cleanliness of the place to dispose of their waste is also very influential on their health.

Cat Oral Health

Brushing teeth should be a routine activity of their care. Because, they are known to tend to have gum problems and inflammation. However, to brush their teeth, you have to know how.

Use a special cat toothpaste that has a tuna flavor, they will definitely like it. Use a short, soft-bristled brush to brush their teeth as it matches the shape of their teeth.

Take to the Doctor

You should take him to the vet regularly, especially if he looks sick. This adorable cat, requires special veterinary treatment.

It is highly recommended to have regular consultations so that they stay healthy and live a long life. So, taking them to the vet doesn’t have to wait until they get sick.

Do regular checkups so that they are prevented from various types of diseases that one day can attack your cat.

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British Shorthair Cat Food

british shorthair

You need to know, these cute animals are prone to obesity. If their bodies are too fat, their health will be disturbed.

Although fat cats are very likable and look adorable. But unfortunately, they are prone to serious diseases such as heart failure and diabetes.

On the other hand, you are also required to meet the intake of omega 3 & 6 in every british shorthair cat food. This intake is to meet the protein needs needed by cats.

Omega fat itself serves to help their coat become healthy. While the protein content, is useful for building muscle mass and getting rid of fat.

Before buying food for British Shorthair cats, look at the content information listed on the packaging. Make sure the food you buy for them contains the ingredients they need.

Interesting British Shorthair Facts

british shorthair

Besides having a long history, they also have a number of interesting facts, you know. Want to know what the facts are? Come on, take a peek below:

1. Calm Cat

They belong to the type of cat that is calm. British shorthair is very active in playing. However, after they grow up, their playing activities will decrease.

As adults, they will often only spend time sitting and sleeping. However, they will like to be close together and sit side by side with their master.

2. Long-lived Cat

Looking for a cat that is strong and rarely gets health issues? British shorthair can be the right choice. Among other cats, his age is one that is quite long.

They can live about 14 to 20 years. Especially if you can take good care of them.

3. Oldest Cat

This short-haired cat, has entered the list of one of the oldest cat types in the world. British shorthair is thought to have existed since 2,000 years ago, or in the first century. It is said that they were brought to Great Britain by the invading Romans.

Along with the times, they then grow to evolve. His posture became rather large and his hair was thin, but thick. They can also adapt to the conditions in which they live.

4. Was Endangered

Apart from the aftermath of World War II, there have been moments where they have experienced massive extinctions. Precisely in the 1890s, in that year, they were threatened with extinction.

The cause of its extinction was due to the massive import of Turkish and Persian cats with thick fur. This makes the breed of british shorthair has decreased.

5. Various Colors

Most people only know them from the appearance of their distinctive coat color, which is gray. In fact, there are quite a lot of popular variants. Especially if we look for it on the internet, most of the pictures show the gray color variant.

This gray variant, usually known as the british blue. Besides that, there are also other color variants such as white, cream, black, to colorpoint such as Siamese Cat and Himalayan cats.

That is, this cat does not have the main characteristic of gray. Because there are also other color variants. To recognize him, it can also be from the shape of his fur and his distinctive body.

6. There are Longhair Variants

Apparently, the British longhair is their close relative, you know. Longhair is a variant that has long hair. This variant has longer and thicker fur than the shorthair variant.

The presence of the longhair variant cannot be separated from its past history. When the british shorthair was almost extinct, to prevent it, the breeder crossed it with the Persian cat.

Well, as a result, they did not become extinct, and have a new variant. The long fur they get from the Persian race. However, at this time the longhair has become a cat of its own type. Even so, they still have very identical similarities.

7. Vulnerable to Obesity

If you want to keep it, make sure you know how to care for it. We have described the method above. Why should you know? Because, these cats are prone to obesity. So be careful, okay?

There are many factors why obesity is often a problem for these cats. One reason is because they are cats that are not very active when they are adults. In fact, their weight can exceed the weight of a normal cat in general.

So that this type of cat that can grow up is not obese, control the level of its food. Also make them a little active so they don’t stay still and sleep. You can invite him to play outside the house, or to the park.

8. Ideal Cat for Families

The British shorthair and Scottish fold are ideal cat breeds for families. This is because they have a relatively calm temperament. They are also a tolerant cat breed and do not like to seek trouble.

In addition, the most important thing is that they are a type of cat that is classified as healthy. However, make sure you keep their diet so they don’t get obese.

British shorthairs also get along easily with other pets. For example, if you have a dog at home, this cat can be a second pet solution. Their tolerant and kind nature, not only to humans, but also to other animals.

9. Similar to Scottish Fold

If you want to adopt it, make sure you know its characteristics first. Because, the British shorthair has similarities with the Scottish fold cat. First, know the difference between the two cats.

These two cats, have the same body shape. The fur also has the same variant, namely gray. At first glance, ordinary people will not be able to tell the difference.

The Scottish fold is a cat that originates from Scotland. This Scottish cat breed has folded ears. The shape of the ears is the difference between the two cats. Apart from the shape of the ears, you can also distinguish them from other British shorthair color variants.

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British Shorthair is one of the cutest cat in the world and most adorable cat breeds. So, treat this cat with the best tenderness and affection so that this cat breed remains healthy and has beautiful fur and is more adorable.

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