Brown Tabby Cat and 7 Other Kinds

brown tabby cat

petsofusa.comBrown Tabby Cat is a cat that has a striped or striped pattern like a tiger. They are funny, smart, affectionate and make great friends to humans. These cats are usually quite aloof and have a tendency to play aggressively. They enjoy hunting their prey outside. Therefore, it is quite difficult to keep this brown tabby cat in the house/room.

Tabby cats will be very easy to find around our lives. But maybe some of you understand the tabi cat is a certain type of cat. But one thing that can be sure is, tabby cat is not a type of cat. So what exactly is a tabby cat?

Tabby cats are cats with unique markings or patterns on their fur. One of their main characteristics is the pattern of the letter M on their foreheads. So, the tabby is not a cat breed, it’s actually a fur pattern. Therefore the Brown Tabby Cat is one of the cats that has a brown color and also has the letter M pattern.

Basically, all cats have tabby cat genetics. However the color or pattern of the fur may hide the tabby markings, but they are always there (even if they are not visible).

The tabby pattern itself is basically still divided into four basic patterns which will be reviewed below.

Brown Tabby Cat and Other Types

Besides the Brown Tabby Cat, there are also other colored tabby cats, here is an explanation.

Brown Tabby Cat

brown tabby cat

The tabby pattern with brown color mostly has a mackerel pattern. This is a very common color and we often encounter cats around humans. Some brown tabbys also look to have a classic tabby pattern.

Gold Tabby Cat

brown tabby cat

The gold tabby cat is actually a dark orange color that tends to look like gold. Although this is basically an orange color, most people often mention it with tabby gold or tabi gold. Similar to the orange tabby, the gold tabby usually also has white as a variation.

Orange Tabby Cat

brown tabby cat

The orange tabby cat or often referred to as the orange cat is another variant of the tabby pattern. Orange cats mostly have a tabby mackerel pattern combined with white with orange which is usually more dominant. In fact, 80% of orange cats are male.

Tabby Agouti cat

brown tabby cat

Tabby cat agouti, ticks almost no stripes or spots on the body. There is almost no striping pattern except maybe a thin strip on the legs, face and tail so that it gives a “ticked” effect.

When viewed from a distance, the agouti tabby cat may appear to have only one color as if it were a solid pattern. However, if you look closely, especially in the sun or bright places, you will see several layers of different colors on the fur.

This pattern comes in a variety of shapes and colors. The pattern of the letter M on the forehead is still clearly visible on the tabby agouti or tabby ticking. An example of a cat with a tabby agouti pattern is the Abyssinian cat.

Meanwhile, here are some tabby pattern colors that are very popular and most sought after by cat lovers.

Gray Tabby Cat

brown tabby cat

The gray tabby cat is one of the most common colors found besides orange. Most gray tabbys have a mackerel and classic pattern. This color is very easy and is found in many cats that live around humans.

Classic Tabby Cat

brown tabby cat

The classic tabby basically has a very beautiful pattern. Some classic tabby patterns have a “marble” pattern. The thick striped pattern circled the sides of its body like the pattern of a marble stone. This classic tabby pattern is the result of a recessive gene.

One example of a cat breed with a classic pattern that is very firm is found in the American shorthair cat.

Spotted Tabby Cat

brown tabby cat

The spotted tabby cat pattern is a pattern that is spotted all over the sides of its body. These spotted patterns can be large or small, oval or round, and sometimes slightly long like a mackerel pattern but are broken.

This spotted tabby pattern is found in several breeds of crossbred cats such as the Savannah, Bengal, Australian Mist, Serengeti, Egyptian Mau, Arabian Mau, Maine Coon, and Ocicat. Of course, the pattern of the letter M on the forehead looks clear and firm.

Tabby Mackerel Cat

brown tabby cat

Tabby cat mackerel or mackerel is taken after the name of the mackerel fish. The pattern of stripes on each side of its body resembles the shape of a fish skeleton. That’s why this tabby pattern is called mackerel.

The line pattern is very clear and clearly visible with the letter M pattern on the forehead very clearly visible. Another feature of the tabby mackerel pattern is that the fur on the hind legs and tail will be dark in color.

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Tabby Pattern Cat Breeds

There are various cat breeds that have a tabby pattern, here is a review for you.

  1. Abyssinian
  2. American bobtail
  3. American curl
  4. American Shorthair
  5. American wirehair
  6. Birman
  7. Colorpoint Shorthair
  8. Egyptian mau
  9. Exotic Shorthair
  10. Javanese
  11. LaPerm
  12. Maine coon
  13. Manx
  14. Norwegian forest
  15. Ocicat
  16. Oriental
  17. Persian
  18. Ragdoll
  19. Rex (Devon, Selkirk, and Cornish)
  20. Scottish fold
  21. Siberian
  22. Singapore
  23. Somali
  24. Turkish angora
  25. Turkish vans.

Brown Tabby Cat Unique Facts

Here are some facts that are often found in cats with tabby patterns, especially the Brown Tabby Cat.

  • Tabby-patterned cats are excellent hunters
  • The tabby’s ancestors are the African wildcat, Asian wildcat and European wildcat
  • They are expressive cats. They are known to be friendly, affectionate, and playful
  • Very social and adaptive cat
  • The most popular tabby colors are orange and gray
  • Garfield is one of the most famous tabby cats
  • Miko and Oscar are two orange tabby cat names owned by Freddie Mercury
  • Every April 30th is celebrated as Tabby Cat Day.

Tabby Cat especially Brown Tabby Cat is not a cat breed name. The term tabby refers to a cat’s coat pattern. All cats have tabby cat genetics although in some types of cat this tabby pattern appears invisible because it is covered by fur.

There are four tabby patterns namely classic tabby, mackerel, spotted and agouti. Each has a different pattern, but with one thing in common: the letter M pattern on the cat’s forehead.

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