5 Cat Tree is Beautiful and Amazing for Your Beloved Cat

cat tree

petsofusa.comCat Tree, also known as a cat tree house or cat booth, is a specially made kit for cats that serves as a place to play, exercise, and relax.

When deciding to have a cat, a good owner will take care of everything he needs. Starting from food, bedding to other equipment to play and support their activities. One thing to consider is providing a cat tree, especially if your cat at home is still young and active.

Many cats enjoy climbing trees. A homemade cat tree will provide hours of entertainment and fun for cats, and can be made for a fraction of the price of cat trees sold at pet stores.

A cat tree not only gives the cat an additional, safe vertical area to climb and jump, but also becomes a private place for the cat to relax, de-stress and watch other living things from above.

More than that, the cat tree is also an arena for cats to exercise and train their agility. Most cat trees have a smaller footprint or can be mounted on a wall.

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Cat Tree Inspiration for Your Cats

Here are 5 beautiful and amazing cat tree, for your pet cat tree ideas at home to keep your beloved cat active and adorable.

1. Forest Theme Cat Tree

cat tree

If you are looking for a cat tree that is pocket-friendly and want to help your cat feel the atmosphere of the forest, you can try this creation. Whatever the shape of the cat tree, just add plants and leaves. Make sure the plants are safe for cats.

Made specifically to look like the outdoors, install leaves and rocks at the bottom.

2. Cat Tree on the Wall

If you’re short on space, a wall-mounted cat tree might be the perfect solution. With places, bridges, stairs, and hammocks, cats can channel their talents like Indiana Jones jumping from mountain to mountain.

Especially for cats who are super active, with this model the cat can walk around the house without disturbing other furniture.

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3. Multilevel Cat Tree

cat tree

Featuring multiple perch posts such as a cloud, hammock, and scratching post, this cat tree can accommodate multiple cats at once and keep them busy, so they don’t fight. Keeping the cat at peace and not fighting can give the owner peace of mind.

4. Multi-Platform Cat Tree

cat tree

If you want to see a circus going on in your living room, you should give your cat a solid place to perform. Featuring multiple platforms, a hammock, scratching post, and ladder, cats can perform acrobatics all day long with this cat tree model.

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5. Cat Tree Castle

This castle-like cat tree offers plenty of places to view other things from above. A safe place to take shelter and a cool hammock to relax in.

Tips for Making a Cat Tree

Design your cat tree. Before buying materials or starting to build a cat tree, you need a plan, which you can sketch on a piece of paper to determine what materials you need to buy. There are several things to consider when designing your cat tree.

  1. First, consider your space limitations. Determine the location of the cat tree, and the size that will fit in the room. It’s a good idea to take measurements to make sure your finished product fits snugly in the room.
  2. You also need to consider your cat’s personality. If your cat enjoys climbing, consider building a tall cat tree with several perches. If your cat likes a covered place to hide or sleep, consider creating a covered corner to sleep in.
  3. Lastly, you should take your carpentry skills into account. If you’re basically inexperienced in building things and using tools, keep your designs simple so you don’t get overwhelmed with them.
  4. If you are confused about where to start, start drawing on a blank sheet of paper the cat tree design you want. You can also copy some of the existing images, then you can modify it yourself according to your wishes.

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There are many cat tree design inspirations that you can sample. Adjust the design of the cat tree with the cat’s activities that you have so that the cat can be comfortable and happy to play all day with the existing cat tree.

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