Chinese Pheasant , One of The Most Beautiful Birds in The World

chinese pheasant

petsofusa.comChinese Pheasant is the most beautiful bird in the world. Not only that, some pheasant birds are endemic to China. Many people like it, so that since ancient times many people have brought the Chinese Pheasant to their respective countries. Everyone must have been stunned when they first saw the beauty of the colorful feathers of the Pheasant.

The golden pheasant is one of the most beautiful birds in the world, and the golden pheasant is the original Chinese Pheasant. Who is not captivated by the beauty and uniqueness of this bird. The golden pheasant originates from mainland China, precisely in the Tibetan plateau and is bred in America, Australia, Europe and New Zealand.

Called the golden pheasant because of their brilliant plumage color with a beautiful golden yellow color on the head. Their undersides and faces are bright red. The sides and neck are brown and the upper back is bluish green. And a long, flowing tail is pale brown.

The main diet of this bird is berries, seeds, and insects. The body size of the golden pheasant reaches 105 cm for males. While the female has a length of about 60-80 cm. These birds like to live in the wild, especially mountainous areas.

The mating season of the golden pheasant male will emit his trademark whistle and open his tail wide to attract the attention of the females. These golden pheasants are rarely found flying except when they are feeling surprised.

This type of Chinese pheasant is included in the type of ornamental animal that has a fairly high value. But even though it is expensive, ornamental animal lovers do not hesitate to have it. Because this pheasant is very exotic with colorful and beautiful feathers. The shape is not like chicken in general because Pheasant chickens tend to look like birds.

Chinese Pheasant Characteristics in General

chinese pheasant

The characteristics of the Chinese pheasant that are commonly found as ornamental birds include:

  • Likes activities including foraging on the ground/bushes.
  • Has an aggressive nature.
  • An adult pheasant weighs about 0.5-3 kg.
  • Medium egg size with brown and grayish blue egg color.
  • The difference in the color of the tail feathers, chest, back, neck, wings and head between the male and female sexes is very striking. The male pheasant is more colorful, the tail is longer and the body size is larger than the female pheasant.
  • Has many types that are distinguished by the color of their fur.
  • Has agile and bird-like movements.
  • Medium body size, long tail and long legs.
  • Including omnivorous animals that eat seeds, caterpillars and insects.
  • Has the ability to fly from tree to tree.

Chinese Pheasant Lay Eggs All Year Long

chinese pheasant

There are Chinese pheasant that lay eggs throughout the year (eg ringneck pheasant) while others can only lay eggs once a year (eg yellow pheasant). In breeding, pheasants or pheasants cannot incubate and care for their children, for that when laying eggs it is better to incubate eggs using an egg incubator, so that the eggs produced are successfully hatched.

Beautiful Kind of Chinese Pheasant

There are 12 types of Pheasant Bird which are quite popular as pets by ornamental bird lovers in the world and most of them are Chinese Pheasants. For those of you who are curious, here are 12 types of Pheasant Birds. Let’s check it out guys!

1. Silver Pheasant

The type of Silver Pheasant is also one of the prima donnas among ornamental chicken lovers. Because this Silver Pheasant has a larger body posture compared to other types of pheasants. This chicken can reach a length of 120-125 cm and a tail of 70 cm. In addition, the combination of white and silver on the back to the tail and black on the chest makes this chicken look very beautiful and attractive. This Silver Pheasant comes from the mountains of mainland Southeast Asia and southern and eastern China. Currently the silver pheasant has grown in Hawaii and the United States.

2. Reeves Pheasant

This type of pheasant is a very interesting pheasant. The tail can also be long, making this pheasant even more exotic. Reeves Pheasant originating from mainland China has a tail that can reach 2.5 meters. Reeves Pheasant’s face looks like he’s wearing a mask. The breeder itself is relatively small and the number in Indonesia is still very rare.

3. Yellow Pheasant

Besides golden pheasant, Yellow Pheasant is also a type of pheasant that is quite popular, including among ornamental chicken lovers. This yellow pheasant is the result of a mutation of the golden pheasant. Yellow pheasant is similar to golden pheasant, has a golden yellow ring around the neck. The yellow pheasant can lay about 20 eggs at a time. However, the hen’s mating cycle is only once a year.

4. Golden Pheasant

The Golden Pheasant is one of the most popular types of Chinese Pheasant. The Golden Pheasant comes from the mountains of Central China. Golden pheasant is a type of chicken that is often referred to as a gamebird. This means that gamebirds are chickens that are mostly kept for hunting sports.

Golden Pheasant chickens have a stunning appearance of feathers but female and male Golden Pheasants look different. Males have a variety of exotic color combinations such as red on the chest and golden yellow on the neck and crest. While the female is only blackish brown.

Usually males have a length of 90 to 105 cm. The length of the tail makes up 2/3 of the total length. While the female is slightly smaller with a length of 60 to 80 cm. With the tail length forming half of the total length.

5. Ringneck Pheasant

The next type of Pheasant chicken is the Ringneck Pheasant or often called the Necklace Pheasant Chicken. This type of chicken comes from China and lately often bred in Europe, especially England. The advantage of this chicken is its behavior that can be used as a sign when an earthquake is happening.

Ringneck pheasant will sound until the earthquake is completely over. The characteristics of the ringneck pheasant are that it has a long tail, a bluish head, a red comb, its back has pistils and its neck has white fur that is coiled like a necklace.

6. Swinhoe Pheasant

The Swinhoe Pheasant is also known regionally as the Formosa Pheasant, Red Foot Mountain Chicken or Taiwan Blue Pheasant. The species name is taken from its discoverer, the British ornithologist Robert Swinhoe, who first discovered the species in 1862. This chicken can be found in the mountains of central Taiwan, where it inhabits undisturbed primary and secondary forests at high altitudes. 1,000 feet – 7,000.

Swinhoe roosters are large, brightly colored, have glossy dark blue and black plumage with metallic blue, green, and maroon highlights. And a bold and distinctive pattern of white patches on the upper back, crest and long middle tail feathers. Its shoulders are dark red, shimmering, and it has pale red legs and a pale face.

While the female is smaller and only has a plain color. The dominant coat color is grayish brown, mottled with triangular yellow-buff markings, for camouflage when brooding. The middle tail feathers are body colored with a brown border and the outer tail feathers on both sides are reddish brown.

The Pheasant Swinhoe is considered near threatened globally due to habitat loss and capture for trade. This bird is now protected from international trade by CITES.

7. Lady Amherst Pheasant

Next is the type of lady pheasant or Lady Armherst Pheasant. This type of Pheasant chicken comes from southwest China and Myanmar. The Lady Armherst Pheasant is similar to the golden pheasant, the only difference is that it is in color and posture. The posture of the lady armherst pheasant is larger than the golden pheasant. This chicken has white feathers on the chest, white neck and colorful crest.

8. Khalij pheasant

Khalij Pheasant or Khaleej Pheasant (Lophura leucomelanos) is one type of pheasant that is found in forests and thickets, especially in the foothills of the Himalayas, from Pakistan to western Thailand. This Khalij pheasant tends to have a darker coat color, namely metallic blue for males and brownish blue for females.

9. Siamese Fireback Pheasant

Siamese Fireback Pheasant or better known by its local name Siamese pheasant is an ornamental chicken from Thailand, but its range is in northern Indo-China to Vietnam to eastern Thailand. This species is also used as the national bird mascot of Thailand.

This Siamese Fireback Pheasant has a length of about 80 cm. For the male Siamese Fireback chicken, the most prominent part is the very long feathers with a purple-black color that reaches up to 9 cm.

The chest, neck and upper back are mostly gray with very fine vermiculation, and the belly and head are black with a head decorated with a broad red facial skin, red legs, reddish-brown irises and a long curved blackish tail. while the female Siamese Fireback Chicken has brown fur with blackish wings to tail feathers.

10. Elliot Pheasant

Elliot Pheasant or Elliot Pheasant (Syrmaticus ellioti) is a large breed of pheasant in southeast China. Has a predominantly brown fur. The tail has a white and brown stripe motif.

11. Peacock Pheasant

This type of Palawan pheasant is a medium-sized pheasant that has a very striking color and when the male teases the female his tail will expand like a peacock, only this chicken is small so it is suitable as a pet. This breed of chicken looks similar to the Gray peacock-pheasant, only it is decorated with a beautiful metallic blue color.

12. Gray Peacock Pheasant

Gray Peacock Pheasant ornamental chicken is one of four Polyplectron subspecies that are spread in Southeast Asia. Also known as the Burmese Peacock or Chinquis Peacock Pheasant. The gray peacock pheasant is the national bird of Myanmar, and is found in the wild in Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, and into southeastern China.

The size of the male Gray peacock-pheasant is 76 cm, while the female is slightly smaller. The coat color is grayish brown with ocelli (large spots on the feathers) of a metallic blue-green to purple on the wings, tail and coat. Thick elongated crest, pink or yellow facial skin, white neck feathers, and gray irises.

Gray peacock-pheasant shows a beautiful look for its partner. Like a peacock that spreads its tail when in heat. Gray peacock-pheasant will spread its wings and tail fully back to look beautiful and charming.

Must Read:

Some pheasant birds are derived from the Chinese. There are so many interesting things about this type of bird. The beauty of the feather color and the right color combination makes the pheasant bird a dream bird and has an expensive price. Most of these pheasant birds are resistant to various diseases and weather, so they are suitable to be kept in your respective yard.

So, those are the most popular and well-known types of Chinese Pheasant among pheasant bird lovers. What do you guys think? Interested in keeping it?

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