12 Cutest Cat In The World Most Popular

cutest cat in the world

petsofusa.comCutest Cat In The World -Cats are one of the cutest types of pets, and most people keep them because they have a funny and entertaining face and behavior. There are many types of cats or cat breeds that are suitable to be kept at home.

While there are many different types of cats and cat breeds from all over the world, only a few are popular. Others are rare or hard to find, or it could be because people prefer to keep only the popular breeds of cats.

There are several considerations in choosing the type of cat to be kept, for example how it looks, characteristics, uniqueness, and much more. What is certain is that cats are the most adorable creatures in the world.

Cutest cat in the world usually has a lot of people who keep it at home for just a friend to play with or as a stress reliever. Because of his adorable behavior, the cutest cat in the world can relieve fatigue after a long day of work.

Below is a review of the cutest cat in the world that is the most maintained.

Cutest Cat In The World Most Searched

The following are the cutest cat in the world that are the most maintained and have the most fans.

1. Persian cat

cutest cat in the world

It is undeniable that Persian Cat are the favorite of most Americans. This cat is a type of pet cat that is very cute and adorable. A gentle and calm demeanor is one of the attractions of this cat. Persian cats will really enjoy being close to their loved ones or people.

As the name implies, this cat comes from Iran or Persia, but now Britain and America have become the largest distributors of Persian cats.

The physical form of this cute cat is to have a snub nose, and a round face. His body is short, his legs are short, and his hair is long and silky.

While the characteristics of this Persian cat are quiet, affectionate, not too active, and most importantly loyal. Any type of food, can be dry or wet food.

2. Himalayan Persian cat

cutest cat in the world

It turns out that the Persian cat is also still divided into types, one of which is the Himalayan Persian cat. This cat has been known for hundreds of years, but was only known on the European continent around the 1950s.

This cat is the result of a cross between a Persian cat and a Siamese cat, that’s what makes this Himalayan Persian cat unique and interesting.

Almost the same as the ordinary Persian cat he has a snub nose type, and thick and long fur. His fur color is very unique and attractive, his eye color is bright blue. For the type of food is also not difficult, you can give dry or wet food at the nearest pet store.

3. Turkish Angora cat

cutest cat in the world

The Angora cat is a natural cat breed and the oldest cat in the world, it is said that this cat is often associated with mythical legends from Turkey, hence the name Turkey Angora.

Although the origin is not from Turkey and it is not known from where. This cat has a medium body size, and has very long and beautiful fur.

The physical characteristics of the Turkish Angora cat are almost the same as the Persian cat, but in general the shape of the head is triangular and the nose is pointed. And the fur on the neck is longer than the others.

4. Siamese cat

cutest cat in the world

The next type of cat that is cute and suitable to be kept is the siamese cat. This cat is a type of oriental cat originating from Thailand.

Siamesse is a type of cat that is very popular in the world, no wonder so many people like to keep it.

It has a slim body shape, a long tail and blue eyes. For the type of food that is good and suitable for him, you can give him the type of wet food.

5. Russian Blue Cat

cutest cat in the world

This type of cat can be compared to other types of intelligent cats in the world, the characteristics of this Russian blue cat are quite interesting. In addition to being intelligent, this one cat also has a special closeness to its owner.

He can be very clingy with his master, besides this cat is also somewhat shy with people he thinks are strangers.

For the same type of food as other types and breeds of cat, you can give Russian Blue cat dry or wet food.

Named Russian Blue because this cat is originally from Russia. This cat has a short coat, and the coat color is usually gray with attractive green eyes.

6. American Shorthair cat

cutest cat in the world

This type of race cat is a descendant of the European Shorthair and the British Shorthair. Over time, this cat’s name changed to American Shorthair.

He has a medium body size, and very strong leg muscles and claws. Their body shape is covered by short but thick body hair.

The thick fur serves to protect the body from the cold and the wind. In fact, this American Shorthair cat has a strong and healthy physique, this cat usually prefers wet food such as fish, chicken or beef.

7. Sphynx cat

cutest cat in the world

This one cat has very short fur so it looks like it has no fur. Its physical characteristics are having a medium body size, erect, but round in the abdomen. The shape of the head is triangular and quite long, the neck is also long, muscular and also round.

The characteristics of this sphinx cat are active, loyal to their owners, intelligent, and loving cat types. Any type of food can be dry food or wet food. The history of this cat comes from Canada.

8. Norwegian Forest Cat

cutest cat in the world

For those of you cat lovers, you must be familiar with the Norwegian forest cat, which comes from Norway and Scandinavia.

Its distinctive feature lies in the size of its very long fur, which is thick in winter and sheds in spring. Uniquely, he has short white fur and long dark fur. The character is friendly and also quiet.

9. Munchkin Cat

cutest cat in the world

The Munchkin Cat is a breed of short-legged cat that was formed due to a natural genetic mutation. This breed only began to be bred around the 1980s in the United States, its home country. Due to its short legs, the Munchkin is one of the smallest cat breeds in the world.

Not only that, the adorable behavior of the munchkin cat is the specialty of this cat breed. His slow and gentle way made many people excited to see him.

10. Maine Coon Cat

cutest cat in the world

The Maine Coon cat is a cat originating from the Continent of the United States, more precisely in the Maine area, New England. This cat is a very friendly pet cat. He is unique, funny and easy to get along with humans and other animals.

This cat will be alert when you throw the ball and this cat will pick it up for you. This cat also likes to climb so it is not uncommon for him to also play on the table or sofa.

This cat is also the oldest cat breed in the world, originating from the Maine region of the United States. He has a very large body shape, height, and weight. even the height can reach 1 meter.

The fur is soft, smooth and thick and also waterproof. It has attractive traits such as independent, active, and affectionate to its owner.

11. Ragdoll cat

cutest cat in the world

The Ragdoll cat is one of the few cats with an elegant disposition. Ragdoll cats are docile and tend to prefer to hang out with their owners rather than roaming in the outdoors.

The relaxed demeanor and position of the body that is limp when given a touch on its fur illustrates how spoiled this cat is when noticed.

12. Exotic Shorthair Cat

cutest cat in the world

His somewhat cautious nature makes adaptation to outsiders take longer, but after some time this cat will become very familiar and funny.

Exotic Shorthair is known as a cat that has a very strong loyalty to its owner. This type of cat is very fond of following where its owner goes.

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How To Take Care of The Cutest Cat In The World

Below are simple ways to take care of your best cat to stay healthy.

  1. Understanding the cat’s feeding needs
  2. Take your cat to the doctor regularly
  3. Bathing the cat regularly
  4. Brushing cat hair regularly bulu
  5. Teaching the cat to defecate in its place
  6. Have own cage or bed
  7. Maintain the cleanliness of the cage and other equipment
  8. Teaching habits to cats
  9. Invite the cat to play

There are actually many and varied cutest cat in the world, but this time we have selected the most popular and widely kept as pets at home.

Because of this adorable behavior, the cutest cat in the world is widely maintained as a stress reliever and fatigue.

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