Top 7 Exotic Bird Pets In The World (New 2021)

exotic bird pets

Exotic Bird Pets

Exotic bird pets – When we talk about exotic bird pets, the first image that comes to mind is probably a parrot with a bright color, a large beak and a long tail.

While parrots come in a wide variety of colors, there are many other types of pet birds that are considered exotic pets.

exotic bird pets

Each type comes with a different personality, song, and appearance.


may not be as common as a cat or a dog, but they are great friends.

Birds develop close bonds with their owners and are intelligent enough to learn commands and pronounce words.

exotic bird pets

Do you wish you had exotic bird pets without having to be sure where to start?

Here is a list of some of the best exotic bird pets to keep as pets.


I hope you can understand the following kinds of exotic birds.

Top 7 Most Exotic Bird Pets

As discussed above, there are various types of exotic birds in this world.


On this occasion I will discuss the most exotic and charming in the world.

Here is a list of exotic bird pets:

  • Hyacinth macaw
  • Victorian Crowned Pigeon
  • Golden Canary
  • Australian King Parrot
  • Cockatoo
  • Green Aracari
  • Archangel Pigeon

1. Hyacinth Macaw

If you’re up for it, no bird is much more exotic than the Hyacinth Macaw.

This bird is 3 feet long from head to tail with dark blue plumage and striking yellow markings around its eyes and beak.

exotic bird pets

Due to their enormous size, they can be a little expensive and must be kept in large cages.

However, these are very gentle birds, and they form some of the strongest bonds with their caregivers.

2. Victorian Crowned Pigeon

The Victorian Crown Pigeon is a beautiful and unusual looking bird.

They are very large, about 29 inches long and 5 pounds, but they are quite docile and gentle.

These birds like to live in a place with plenty of room to move around.

They spend a lot of time running around a closed yard or house.

The feathers on this bird resemble peacock feathers.

These birds use it to show off to the female by fanning the feathers around their head to give them a crown.

They are rare birds but are a definite conversation starter.

3. Golden Canary

You may have heard of this smaller bird as the Queen of Bavaria.

It is a striking bird with bright yellow and green plumage.

While beautiful and popular as pets, far too many have been caught, and they are much harder to get your hands on these days.

exotic bird pets

Buying one in captivity is possible if you are willing to pay the price.

Golden conures are social birds and require a lot of interaction with their owners.

They are smart enough to do tricks and imitate some movements and vocalizations.

Conures also have a goofy personality that keeps you entertained day in and day out.

4. Australian King Parrot

These birds are slightly rarer.

Australian King parrots are native to Australia and are striking with their red heads and jungle green bodies.

exotic bird pets

Although they form bonds with their owners, they are slightly less affectionate than other species.

They are ideal for someone who has more experience with birds and plenty of room for them to play and exercise.

5. Cockatoo

Cockatoos are another exotic bird you may have seen.

They have distinct fur protruding from the top of their head which has a variety of different colors.

exotic bird pets

The most exotic cockatoo is the Black Palm Cockatoo, but there are many different morphs that are easier and cheaper to buy.

Although they are intelligent, they will not imitate human speech but enjoy making different sounds.

6. Green Aracari

The Green Aracari is one of the smallest members of the toucan family.

These birds are one of the more expensive ones to keep as they need a constant supply of fresh and ripe fruit, and they make a mess every time they eat.

exotic bird pets

Toucans also have a tendency to chew whatever they please.


they are better off with experienced owners who can keep an eye on them all day long.

7. Archangel Pigeon

There are many types of pigeons, such as Fantails, Tumblers, and Homers, but all of them are intelligent and gentle birds.

exotic bird pets

These pigeons have been selectively bred since the 13th century.

This particular breed does not survive in the wild, which means they thrive as pets.

If you are looking for a unique pet bird with a history, this is the species for you.

Tips for Buying Exotic Bird Pets

The cost of a pet bird depends primarily on the type of bird and location.

Birds are available for purchase at pet stores, bird shows, live breeders, online merchants, and even bird magazines.

Sometimes there are birds available at bird sanctuaries or rescues, with rescue often being the cheapest place to buy them.

If you have no experience owning birds, take someone with you to check on the birds and make sure they are healthy.

The place you bought it from must have a medical history on file.

If in doubt, ask your veterinarian for a health check.

Buying birds from the internet without seeing them is sometimes risky.

The ideal way is to buy pets from a reputable breeder and follow the entire process from hatching to weaning.

Most reputable breeders will allow you to make a visit during this process.

It is impossible to accurately predict the outcome of welcoming exotic bird pets into your life.

Prepare yourself for adventure regardless of the breed you choose, and be patient as they adapt to their new surroundings.

Birds are not mindless animals as many say.

They pick up on emotions and are sensitive to those around them.

Too much stress or change can cause them to act and harm themselves or the people working with them.

We want to make sure you have the best experience with your pet bird.

Find an experienced owner who can advise you and educate yourself as much as possible before bringing it home.

The more you can make them feel comfortable and safe, the easier the transition will be for both of you.

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