Golden Arowana and The Best Type of Feed

golden arowana

Golden Arowana is the most famous Asian arowana of all types of arowana fish. There are actually two types of Golden Arowana, namely golden arowana and red tailed golden arowana. Both are very beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

The golden arowana is the most coveted ornamental fish in the world. This fish can be found in several places in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam and so on.

What makes this fish special is that its luster extends to the sixth row of scales.

Golden Arowana that sparkle like this are called ‘crossbacks’, because the level of luster has passed through their backs. The darker the gold, the more interested aquatic enthusiasts are.

There is also a special variant of the golden arowana which has a blue color on the second half of its body called the ‘blue based crossback’ and is also considered a premium fish.

Golden Arowana

golden arowana

Many people keep this arowana fish as a symbol of good luck, and this golden arowana is no exception. The more this arowana fish is cared for and cared for properly, it is believed that it will add good luck too. Vice versa. However, these are all just myths for those who believe in them.

For people who do not believe in the myth it will be difficult to believe it. But all of that still makes this Golden Arowana sparkle beautifully if cared for with the best care.

Taking care of the Golden Arowana does require precision and perseverance, because if you are not too careful and not just a little diligent, the fish will fade the color faster.

For that always pay attention to the condition of the water in it whether it is dirty or not. And also pay attention to the nutrition of the food it provides, so it doesn’t damage the color of the Golden Arowana because of the wrong type of feed it provides.

Best Golden Arowana Food

golden arowana

Because the arowana especially Golden Arowana has a fairly expensive price, of course you don’t want to feed it carelessly, right. In contrast to other types of fish, arowana should receive special attention, especially in terms of food.

The types of arowana fish food that are good to give to stay healthy and beautiful are as follows:

1. Golden Arowana Food for Beautiful Color

Golden Arowana fish food that is suitable to be given so that the color is beautiful is shrimp. Shrimp is rich in carotenoids which are very good for arowana scales and make the color redder and more beautiful shiny.

In addition to shrimp, you can also give crickets or centipedes for arowana fish food to make the color more real.

Crickets and centipedes contain beta-carotene which is very good for beautifying the color of fish.

However, giving crickets and centipedes as food at home should not be done so often because these two animals can cause addiction and make fish reluctant to eat other feeds.

2. Golden Arowana Food To Grow Big

You certainly want to have arowana fish that grow big and healthy, right? In addition to looking beautiful, the larger the size, the more valuable the price.

Golden Arowana fish food that is suitable to be given to grow big is small fish. Small fish contain calories and good fat for fish growth.

You can also give live shrimp which makes the fish grow faster.

In addition, Moms and Dads can also give fish pellets so that the body of your beloved Golden Arowana grows proportionally, because it contains protein and fat needed by fish.

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golden arowana

Golden Arowana must get the best care so that the color remains shiny and also stays healthy. If the Golden Arowana fish lacks the nutrients it eats, it will result in the color of the fish becoming a little more faded and less pleasing to the eye.

For that attention to the Golden Arowana itself does not need to be underestimated and excluded like other fish. If arowana fish do not get the best care then the fish will also become stressed and will die quickly. So to care for it must be very careful and thorough.

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