7 Healthy Cat Teeth and Treatment

healthy cat teeth

petsofusa.comHealthy cat teeth is something that you must pay attention to in keeping a cat. In addition to paying attention to food, your cat must also have good healthy cat teeth so that chewing food does not feel sick.

A healthy cat is a cat that has beautiful fur, active movement, a sturdy body and of course has healthy cat teeth.

You need to pay close attention to healthy cat teeth so that all the nutrients in the food you provide can be well absorbed by your beloved cat.

Also recognize the signs your cat has unhealthy teeth. If you do not understand healthy cat teeth, you can take your beloved cat to the nearest vet for further treatment.

Healthy Cat Teeth

How to know the presence of dental problems in cats?

First of all, lift your cat’s lips and examine its teeth and gums. Healthy teeth should look white, shiny and not covered in yellow-brown plaque or tartar.

If you smell an unpleasant odor from your cat’s mouth, it could be a sign of a gum infection, which is a sign of unhealthy teeth or gums.

Also observe the behavior and eating habits of your pet cat. If your cat drops food from its mouth, chews only on one side, or won’t eat at all, it could be a sign of severe gingivitis.

Sometimes, cats with severe dental disease show no signs at all, as they usually don’t fuss when they’re not feeling well.

Therefore, you need to check your pet cat’s teeth regularly, especially in older cats.

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Healthy Cat Teeth and Treatment

healthy cat teeth

As quoted from several sources, we managed to collect healthy cat teeth treatment that you can practice at home in caring for healthy cat teeth properly and correctly.

You can try it regularly every day to get maximum results. Here’s the information for you:

1. Do the Treatment Routinely Every Day

It’s a good idea to get your cat used to cleaning his teeth, and the younger he is the easier it is.

Start by applying toothpaste (made especially for cats in a flavor that cats love) on your fingers and working it over their teeth and gums.

Once your cat is used to this process, you can try using a special cat toothbrush, which is smaller than a human toothbrush and has softer bristles.

Granted, a toothbrush and toothpaste won’t work like catnip, but brushing your cat’s teeth daily is the best way to avoid dental disease.

Your cat may need to be coaxed into wanting to be able to brush his teeth, but if you do this regularly, it will all pay off.

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2. Reduce Dry Food

Don’t rely on dry cat food to keep your cat’s teeth clean.

Dental problems are common in cats, but they can be prevented, and diet can play a big role in that.

Dry cat food is considered long enough to keep the cat’s teeth clean of plaque and tartar.

The idea is that by chewing dry food, the pieces will create an abrasive action on the teeth thereby removing plaque from its place.

The only problem is, cats often don’t bother chewing their food, preferring to swallow it whole. So don’t just rely on dry food as the answer to your cat’s dental health.

3. Toys for Cats to Bite

Cats are natural predators, and the natural diet of mice and other small animals means that they make them chew on hard bones every day to remove tartar and keep teeth and gums healthy.

Domestic cats don’t tend to eat a lot of mice, so some vets recommend giving them toys to chew on.

Any chew toys you buy for cats can’t be tougher than your fingernails, so always look for toys that are made especially with cats in mind.

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4. Always Pay Attention to Healthy Cat Teeth

It’s important not to ignore signs of a cat’s dental problems. Check for warning signs of bad breath, bleeding or dark red lines along the gums, inflamed gums, ulcers, drooling, difficulty chewing food or refusal to eat, and take action.

Don’t wait until your cat shows signs of distress. Make sure you follow a daily dental care routine, give your cat a good diet, and take her to the vet for an annual check-up.

Owning a cat can give you a lot of things, friendship, reduced stress levels, and better sleep. Make sure you also give kindness back to your cat.

5. Pay Attention to Cat Breath

healthy cat teeth

Cats love to eat fish, so it makes sense that their breath might smell a little fishy. However, if you smell your cat’s breath has turned to bad breath, this could indicate that they have a dental problem.

If your cat (or other animal) has bad breath and is drooling, it means they have gum disease or tooth decay.

Bleeding gums are nothing to worry about, but combined with bad breath and drooling, it could mean your cat needs a deep cleaning or even a tooth extracted.

If left untreated, these symptoms will only get worse, so make an appointment with your vet if you smell your cat’s breath smelly.

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6. Give the Best Diet for Healthy Cat Teeth

Cats breed on a diet rich in moisture and grain free, so that means feeding them quality canned, raw, and freeze-dried food.

These foods will help them develop strong and healthy teeth and keep them in tip-top shape.

Supplements can also be added to a cat’s diet, such as probiotics, natural enzymes, omega-3 fatty acids and natural food-based antioxidants that can reduce inflammation and oxidative stress throughout the mouth and body.

Ask your veterinarian for advice on the best foods and supplements for overall health. Also, ask if a diet prescription specifically designed to help improve your cat’s dental health is necessary or not.

7. Give Snack to Reduce Tartar

When it comes to choosing chews and treats for cats, some are better than others. Avoid the cheaper versions, as these will not be as effective.

Instead, choose products that have undergone clinical trials. But remember, dental care alone is not enough to keep your cat’s teeth clean and healthy.

They should be used in moderation and in addition to a regular brushing and healthy diet. If your cat doesn’t like the idea of brushing his teeth, you can always use dental care as a point of encouragement.

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Healthy cat teeth will usually affect your cat’s diet. If the cat is having a toothache then your cat will not be excited when given food.

In fact, if the cat does not have a toothache, it will voraciously eat all kinds of food given to your beloved cat.

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