What is a Healthy Cat Weight? Let’s Check It

healthy cat weight

petsofusa.comhealthy cat weight. Knowing what a healthy cat weight is is important to control its health. Because by knowing how many scales, then you can determine whether your cat is fat or even skinny.

Actually healthy cat weight varies depending on the type. However, the average ideal weight is 4 kg – 4.5 kg. With the largest weight of 11 kg and the smallest weight is 2.2 kg.

Of course, not all types of cats have that ideal scale. Like a maine coon cat whose body weight ranges from 5 kg – 11 kg. Exceeds the ideal average cat weight.

Healthy Cat Weight

healthy cat weight

According to research, there are two categories that can be used to determine healthy cat weight. Here are the 2 categories:

Healthy Cat Weight Based On The Type Of Cat

Each type of cat has a different ideal body weight, therefore do not equate one type of cat with another. To make it clearer, let’s look at the following information.

  • Persian cat breed ( 3.1 – 5.5 kg )
  • Domestic / Domestic Cat (4 kg – 5 kg)
  • Angora cat breed (3.5 – 5 kg male) and (2.5 kg – 4 kg female)
  • Burmese cat breed ( 3.1 kg – 6.3 kg )
  • Domestic short hair cat (3.6 kg – 5.5 kg)
  • Domestic long hair (3.6 kg – 5.5 kg)
  • Maine coon cat breed (5 kg – 11.3 kg)
  • Abyssinia (4 kg – 6.8 kg)
  • Sphynx cat (4 kg – 5 kg male) and (3 kg – 5 kg female)
  • Siamese cat (3.1 kg-6.3 kg)
  • Ragdoll cat (3.8 kg -8.1 kg)
  • Russian Blue cat ( 3.1 kg – 6.8 kg )
  • Exotic shorthair (3.6 kg – 5.8 kg)
  • American shorthair (3.6 kg – 6.8 kg )

To determine how ideal the cat’s weight scales can be done by knowing the breed. Where when you know your cat is from which breed.

Then you can find information about the average weight of the cat.

Like if your cat is a village race. And the ideal weight for the Kampung race is 4 to 5 Kg. So if your cat has a 4.5 Kg scale, it can be said to be ideal.

Or for example, your Angora cat weighs 4.5 Kg, then that can also be said to be ideal.

Healthy Cat Weight Based On Cat Age

Healthy cat weight can also be affected by the age of the cat. Do not equate the weight of an adult cat and a kitten’s weight. Because it’s so different. For more details, please check the information below.

  • Age 0-6 weeks = less than 0.35 kg.
  • Age 6-7 weeks = 0.35 – 0.7 kg.
  • Cats aged 7-8 weeks = 0.4 – 0.9 kg.
  • 3 months old = 1 kg – 1.5 kg
  • Teenage Cat = 1.5 – 3.5 kg
  • Adult Cat = 3.5 – 5.5 kg.

The age of a cat in general can be up to a dozen years. At the time of its development to an adult cat. Usually the baby cat will continue to experience an increase in body mass.

Therefore, in addition to using breed, you can also apply the weight of the cat based on age.

For example, if your cat is 4 months old, if it weighs 1.55 kg, it is ideal. This corresponds to the average scale of a cat of that age.

Or if your 5 month old cat weighs 1.6 kg. So it’s ideal. On the other hand, if it weighs 1.9 kg, it is categorized as fat.

What Causes Overweight Cats?

healthy cat weight

Many factors make a cat overweight. One of them is overfeeding. Sometimes, what often happens to domestic cats is that they often come to you with a sad face as if they still want to be given extra food.

If you are not disciplined to apply the right diet, then things like this can make your cat overweight.

It’s also a matter of behavior. There are some cats who are lazy to move. This can affect their weight.

Cats that are neutered or neutered will also gain weight if they are not supported by proper food intake and adequate exercise.

Dangers of Overweight in Cats

healthy cat weight

Again, fat cats are cute, but it won’t be funny if your cat is sick from being overweight. Excess weight also makes cats potentially affected by diabetes, the work of organs such as the heart becomes heavier and digestive problems.

Before deciding to buy cat food, it’s better to first look at your cat’s weight by weighing your cat and compare it with the information above to see a healthy cat weight.

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Diet for Healthy Cat Weight

healthy cat weight

This habit really should not be allowed. To prevent the urge to overfeed your cat and avoid unnecessary whining from the cat, you can outsmart it by:

  1. Replace dry foods with canned foods, which tend to have more protein and fewer carbohydrates. Canned food is also a good way to define different feeding times for pets. Many cats gain weight when their owners leave out a bowl of dry kibble, so they can eat throughout the day.
  2. Cut back on snacks. Cats can also get other rewards, like playing time with you. Keep the cat active while eating. Cats are healthier and calmer when their owners use “food puzzles,” which the cat must roll or manipulate to get treats.
  3. If you have more than one cat, you may need to feed the overweight cat in a separate room or put healthy weight cat food in a different place than the obese cat.
  4. Before dieting your cat, do a physical exam to make sure they don’t have any underlying medical problems. Obese cats may need to switch to canned diet foods or special prescription diets that have more protein, vitamins, and minerals per calorie.

Healthy cat weight is different for each type of cat. Do not equate one type of cat with another type of cat, it will have a difference.

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