Healthy Snacks for Cats and 9 Best Ways to Choose

healthy snacks for cats

petsofusa.comHealthy snacks for cats are a necessity for cats. Even though they are complementary foods, healthy snacks for cats must also be given to your cat so that all the cat’s nutrients are met.

If humans need snacks or snacks for food variations other than the main food, so do pets.

Cats, for example, also need to eat snacks so they don’t get bored and are more cheerful. But remember, the snacks must contain nutrients that can support their health.

You can find various brands of healthy snacks for cats on the market. The most important thing you pay attention to is the nutritional content contained in it so that your cat can fulfill all its daily nutritional needs.

If you are confused about how to choose the right healthy snacks for cats for your cat, take a look at how to choose and recommend the best cat snacks in this article.

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Difference Between Snack and Main Cat Food

healthy snacks for cats

Like the main food, cat snacks also contain nutrients that support cat health. But of course there are differences between the two.

The nutrition of cat snacks is not as complete and balanced as the main cat food.

For example, some cat snacks contain higher amounts of protein than the amount of protein found in the main diet.

That’s why, pay attention to the amount of treats your cat gives. Too many treats will interfere with the cat’s appetite when you give the main food.

In addition, cats will experience imbalanced nutrition, become fussy, and become overweight. The recommended number of snacks is 5% – 10% of the cat’s energy or calorie intake.

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Healthy Snacks for Cats and Best Ways to Choose

healthy snacks for cats

There are many kinds of healthy snacks for cats offered with different flavors and benefits.

How to know what is best for your cat? You can consider the following points before choosing healthy snacks for your beloved cats.

1. Dry Snacks for Cat’s Dental Health

This solid and dry textured snack only contains 10% – 12% water content. Dry snacks can practice chewing activity and prevent the formation of tartar in your cat.

Because it contains less water, these snacks can be stored longer than wet snacks.

Unfortunately, most dry snacks contain fillers or fillers in the form of carbohydrates, such as corn, rice, and other grains.

For balanced nutrition, mix dry snacks with real sources of animal protein, such as fish, chicken, meat, or shrimp. Do not forget to give enough water to keep your cat from becoming dehydrated.

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2. Semi-Moisturized Snack for Cat’s Appetite

With a semi-moist texture, this type of snack has a water content of 60% – 65%, so it is good for the health of the cat’s urinary tract when compared to dry snacks. If your cat is a fussy cat, this treat is for her.

However, these snacks contain high levels of sugar and salt, sometimes containing preservatives.

This can cause many health problems in cats, such as urinary, kidney, and heart disease.

In order for your cat’s health to be maintained, always follow the rules for giving snacks according to the instructions on the package.

3. Wet Snack Easy to Digest

Having a water content of 75% – 80%, this type of snack has a porridge-like texture. Made from a mixture of ingredients, such as water, meat, and starch that is packaged in cans or that is vacuum sealed.

Usually this type of snack contains fewer carbohydrates and more protein.

With a high water content, this snack is easy for cats to digest and can help increase hydration for cats who don’t like to drink.

Wet snacks can also be mixed with medications that cats usually avoid. However, wet snacks do not last long after the packaging is opened. The price is quite expensive.

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4. Dehydrated Beef Rich in Protein

The next type of cat snack is dehydrated food, consisting of two types, namely dried snacks and freeze-dried snacks.

This treat has a very high protein content and its nutritional profile is most similar to what cats eat in the wild.

This is due to the dehydration process that allows this snack to retain the essential nutrients and flavor of the meat ingredients, especially during the freeze-drying process.

That way, your cat will be met with nutritional needs for growth, have a shiny coat, and have higher energy. However, this type of snack is sold at a higher price.

5. Choose Offers Extra Health Benefits

Some snacks are made to provide extra benefits for cat health. Some of these are reducing the chances of plaque and tartar developing, ensuring the cat’s fresh breath with mint, to combat the formation of hairballs in the intestines, and so on.

You certainly want to provide the best snacks for your beloved cat for its health.

To make sure the snack meets your cat’s nutritional and health needs, it’s a good idea to consult with your veterinarian first.

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6. Choose Rich in Protein, Taurine, Vitamins and Minerals for Cat Health

Cats are carnivorous animals that need meat as their intake. For that, you need to choose products with the main ingredients of whole or real meat, not processed meats such as byproducts or meal.

You also need to pay attention to three things when feeding your cat, namely high protein, high humidity, and low carbohydrates.

To meet the nutritional needs of cats, choose cat snacks that contain essential amino acids such as those found in taurine, omega-3 fatty acids in fish, vitamins in vegetables, carbohydrates and antioxidants in fruit, and other minerals.

7. Avoid Products Containing Grains, Sugar, Artificial Colors, Flavors, and Preservatives

Another thing you need to pay attention to when choosing healthy snacks for cats is to avoid products that contain grains, sugar, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

All of that might trigger an allergic reaction, cause diarrhea, or cause obesity, and so on. For that, you have to be careful and pay close attention to the ingredients in cat snacks.

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8. Snack with Meat or Milk Flavor

As carnivores, cats prefer the taste of meat, such as tuna, chicken, beef, salmon, and lamb. In addition, cats also like milk.

They have a high ability to detect salty and savory tastes. However, cats are very sensitive to bitter tastes and cannot detect sugar.

That’s why it’s important to choose a snack that tastes and smells like your cat’s preferences so they don’t suffer from nutritional deficiencies.

In addition to meat and dairy, cats also like calorie-dense foods and foods that are crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside.

9. Adjust to the Size and Age of the Cat

Since the nutritional needs of each cat are different depending on their size and age, you need to provide healthy snacks for cats at the right levels for your cat.

For example, a growing kitten (4 weeks — 1 year) will need higher protein, fat, and calcium concentrations. In addition, the texture of the snack must also be soft and chewy, not crunchy because it can cause a choking hazard.

As cats mature (1 year – 7 years), their bodies and activity levels change, their metabolism begins to slow down. You can give him snacks for all ages or for adult cats, such as beef, turkey, canned snacks, and dry snacks.

As for senior cats (7 years – 10 years and over), you need to give him a low-calorie snack with ideal vitamins and nutrients, such as chicken or a special dry snack for senior cats.

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Healthy Snacks for Cats Recommendations That You Can Choose

healthy snacks for cats

Next, we will provide recommendations for several healthy snacks for cats with various criteria. When choosing, don’t forget to consider the points discussed above.

  • Kit Cat Breath Bites
  • Temptations Snack 85 gr
  • Me-O Creamy Treats
  • Friskies Party Mix Snack
  • Vitakraft Liquid-Snack
  • Bio Creamy Treats
  • Supercat Liquid Snack
  • FD Treats Korea Freeze Dried Snack
  • Inaba Ciao Churu
  • Sheba Melty Snack

Healthy snacks for cats are useful for food variety and increase the cat’s daily nutritional intake. Snacks are given to your cat as a distraction, exercise, or a gift to make your cat more fit and cheerful.

But don’t let the provision of snacks make your cat not interested in its main food.

Give your cat healthy snacks for cats with the recommended ingredients and portions according to age and size to maintain their health.

Therefore, choose a cat Healthy Snacks for Cats based on several important points as we have described above.

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