Munchkin Cat: 6 Types, Characteristics, and How to Care for Them

munchkin cat

Munchkin Cat is a fairly popular cat. This is due to the large number of enthusiasts who want to maintain it. Moreover, the funny shape, makes the viewer excited. Plus the fur is smooth and clean, making this Munchkin Cat more elegant.

The Munchkin Cat is one of the short-legged cat breeds that comes from a natural genetic mutation. The Munchkin Cat itself was first bred in the 1980s in its home country, the United States.

The uniqueness of the munchkin’s legs makes it one of the smallest cat breeds in the world. While in Indonesia the munchkin race was first known since 2014 recently.

For the weight of this tiny cat itself reaches 3 to 4 kg for males. Meanwhile, female munchkins tend to be heavier.

Munchkin Cat generally have short and long coats, depending on the breed. The munchkin breed belongs to a unique cat category, so it is often crossed with other cat breeds.

Types of Munchkin Cat

munchkin cat

Because Munchkin Cat are often crossed, it certainly produces various types of cats that are no less interesting than other types. So there are several types of munchkin breeds that are new and even more interesting.

The following is very important information for you:

1. Munchkin Cat Types Kinkalow

The kinkalow is a breed of munchkin that came from crossing it with the American Curl cat. In the kinkalow, the munchkin inherits its main characteristic, namely its short legs. While the American Curl inherited a distinctive ear shape that curves to the outside.

2. Munchkin Cat Types Genetta

Genetta is considered to be the most popular and adorable type of munchkin according to munchkin fans. Because genetta was born from a cross between a munchkin and a lively bengal cat.

So that a new breed of cat with a short stature was born with a distinctive spotted pattern in the style of the Bengal race.

3. Minskin and Bambino Munchkin Cat

There is something unique about this type of munchkin cat, because the minskin and bambino are produced from a cross between a munchkin and a Sphynx cat.

The appearance of both is very unique with very thin fur almost like hairless. Equipped with a short stature derived from the munchkin.

4. Munchkin Cats Types Napoleon

Napoleon is a type of munchkin produced from a cross between a munchkin and a Himalayan Persian cat and also an Exotic Short Hair.

Although the price of the napoleon munchkin cat is quite expensive, this type of tiny cat is one of the most favored by munchkin cat lovers.

5. Munchkin Cat Types Lambkin

The munchkin lambkin at first glance looks like a skookum type, due to its equally curly fur. This is because the lambkin was born from a cross between a munchkin and a Rex Selkirk cat, which has fur like a sheep.

6. Munchkin Cats Scottish Kilts

The next most popular type of munchkin is Scottish Kilts. This type of cat is the result of a cross between a Scottish Fold cat and a cute munchkin.

This type of cat is unique in its earlobe that closes inward and an adorable little body shape. So don’t be surprised if the price of the Scottish fold munchkin cat itself has a higher price than other types of munchkin cats.

Munchkin Cat Characteristics

munchkin cat

For those of you who are interested in this type of cute short cat, it is important to know more about its complete characteristics. Because this can make you get to know more about the munchkin you want to keep.

Here is the information for you:

Characteristics of Munchkin Cat Short Legs

The main characteristic that really stands out from this munchkin paint is the body, especially the legs. The munchkin’s short legs are said to be the result of a naturally occurring genetic mutation, not due to experimentation or anything else.

This is not much different from the genetics of short-legged dogs because both genes are the same. However, dogs have a spinal deformity that causes them to be short-legged, unlike the munchkin who is naturally.

The Uniqueness of Munchkin Feathers

Munchkin cat has two types of fur that add to its uniqueness, namely long fur and short fur. Munchkins that have been crossed with other cats have a wider variety of coats, although the base is either short or long.

Similar to other types of cats, the munchkin breed has a unique and interesting nature. The main characteristics of the most prominent munchkin include:

  1. Really like to play.
  2. His behavior is so adorable.
  3. Easily adapts to other cat breeds and new environments.
  4. Likes to seek attention in humans (who maintain it).

Munchkin Cat and Simple Treatments

munchkin cat

The Munchkin is a quirky short cat that requires proper grooming. So that the munchkin cat you keep is well maintained, consider the following short tips for caring for it:

  1. Keep the munchkin’s cage or dwelling clean properly.
  2. Provide munchkin cat food with the best nutrition.
  3. Provide the right place to eat.
  4. Provide a place to drink that is easily accessible.
  5. Provide sand buckets with the best sand and regularly cleaned.
  6. Bathe the munchkin at least once every two weeks.
  7. Bath care: use the right cat shampoo.
  8. Occasionally bring munchkin to the nearest pet shop for grooming.
  9. Clean the cat’s ears using baby oil and cotton.
  10. Routinely give him a multivitamin.
  11. Regularly check his health to the vet.
munchkin cat

Keeping a Munchkin Cat should not be careless. Everything needs to be prepared, including knowing his general health.

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The Munchkin that you keep can be of normal age if routinely given immunizations and special care by a veterinarian. As an anticipation, munchkins can also have health problems like ordinary house cats.

For example, health problems of hyperthyroidism, uremia, urinary tract disease to pancreatitis. To prevent some of these health problems, regularly check your pet’s health and munchkin vaccinations.

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