Top 5 Beautiful Nocturnal Animals Around Your House

nocturnal animals

Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal Animals – Nocturnal animals are animals whose activities are carried out at night and rest/sleep during the day.

This animal has a special characteristic where the sight and smell are very sharp.

It is important for us to know the types of these animals so that we can maintain together the preservation of these animals.

nocturnal animals

Many think this animal is scary…..

But for some it gives its own beauty at night.

There are those who deliberately keep nocturnal animals as pets, there are also those who don’t like these nocturnal animals.

nocturnal animals

It all depends on our understanding of these animals.


Check out the following reviews about beautiful nocturnal animals that you need to know.

The 5 Most Beautiful Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal are animals that sleep during the day and are active at night.

In general, they have a very sharp sense of sight, smell and hearing.

The following are examples of nocturnal animals that are active at night:

  • Bat
  • Owl
  • Weasel
  • Tarsier
  • Fox

1. Bat

Often associated with the large number of viruses that spread throughout the world.

Bats are the only mammals that can fly.

The structure of the wings is unique, almost similar to the structure of the arms and hands possessed by humans.

Their flight movements are considered different from the flight movements of birds in general, their flight movements have a complex style.

Bats can live up to 10-25 years.

Has a very sharp sense of smell and hearing.

Usually foraging at night because bats are one of the mammals that are active at night.

Usually prey on fruits, seeds and insects.

2. Owl

Owls have the Latin name Strigiformes known there are about 222 species found throughout the world.

Owls are classified as nocturnal animals, active at night and classified as carnivorous meat-eating birds/insects.

Owls have feathers that are dotted with gray or brownish color with additional white and black spots.

This bird is also unique in that its head can rotate 180 degrees backwards.

The next feature of the owl is that it has a short tail with wide and large wings whose wingspan is equal to 3 times the length of its body.

In mainland Europe it is often considered a symbol of wisdom.

Usually hunt at night looking for food in the form of frogs, insects, toads, and mice.

Has a very good hunting ability even in complete darkness.

They rely on their sense of hearing and sight to hunt.

3. Weasel

Weasel has the Latin name Paradoxurus, a type of mammal that comes from the Viverridae tribe.

This one animal is classified as a nocturnal animal and a very good tree climber.

Have an active and aggressive personality if you are not familiar with the surrounding environment.

They will claw and bite anyone who dares to disturb them.

Civets are classified as omnivores but prefer to eat fruit.

The type that we often find around our environment is the type of civet weasel.

They often roam around the yard/plantation of residential areas in search of food.

4. Tarsier

Tarsier has the Latin name Tarsiiformes including nocturnal animals actively looking for food at night.

Widespread throughout the world but now the number is limited and is mostly found in mainland Southeast Asia.

Can breed / get pregnant within six months.

In each pregnancy can give birth to a child.

The child will grow up after turning one year old.

Usually prey on insects, lizards, small snakes, frogs, and mice.

If you are on a tree, you usually catch small birds.

Tarsiers have the ability to catch birds while jumping from tree to tree.

5. Fox

Foxes have the Latin name Vulpes they are classified as nocturnal animals.

Foxes can survive in the wild for 2-5 years.

In one reproduction they can give birth to 2-12 children.

Some people in America make a fox as a pet, because it has an adorable shape like cats and dogs.

Foxes have quite thick fur like cats and dogs.

They are often hunted in the wild because they often disturb local residents’ livestock and use their fur.

In contrast to wolves who like to live in groups, foxes like to live independently in pairs, living in groups is only a matter of hunting.

Currently, several species of these animals are in a state of threat.

Many of these animal species are threatened by illegal hunting by some irresponsible people.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain the survival of animals so that their diversity is maintained.

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