Top 6 Nutritional Supplements For Cats That Cats Needed

nutritional supplements for cats

petsofusa.comNutritional supplements for cats are an obligation that you must understand when you take care of your pet cat. Like humans, cats also need adequate nutrition for their survival. Therefore, it is very important to know the nutritional supplements for cats that your cat should consume. Therefore, we will convey the information here.

Cats are animals that are loved by many people. Who doesn’t fall in love with the cuteness of this lazy animal?

Because of their cute, cute, tame nature, cats are favorite pets from children to adults.

Keeping a cat looks like an easy thing. However, as a keeper, of course, you have to pay attention to their food, cleanliness, and health.

As caregivers, we certainly don’t want it, right, if our beloved pet cat gets sick.

For this reason, to prevent your beloved cat from getting sick, it’s a good idea to take nutritional supplements for cats to meet their nutritional needs.

There are many types of nutritional supplements for cats that are sold in the market to help supplement the cat’s nutrition.

In addition to providing nutritional supplements for cats, you can also take your pet cat to the vet you usually visit to let them know that there is a change in the cat’s diet due to vitamin consumption. You also need to check whether your cat needs a vaccine shot or not.

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Nutritional Supplements For Cats That Cats Needed

nutritional supplements for cats

Just like humans, nutritional supplements for cats can make cats’ immune system stronger against disease so that they live longer. Of course you want to have a cat that can live a dozen years, right?

Well, in addition to highly nutritious food, vaccines from veterinarians, environmental hygiene as well as human affection, giving the right vitamins or supplements are factors that can lead to a long life for cats. The following are the benefits of vitamins or supplements and nutrients that cats need.

Vitamins A and B for Eye Health

Just like humans, vitamin A also has benefits for the cat’s eyes. Apart from keeping the eyes functioning normally, vitamin A also protects them from various diseases. Not only that, this vitamin can also help heal the eyes for cats who are sick in that area.

However, not only vitamin A, vitamin B can also maintain eye health, you know. Both of these vitamins can also provide benefits so that the cat’s vision becomes sharper. Being and moving in a dark room is not a problem for your cat.

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Protein Boost Antibodies

When discussing what content is needed by cats, protein is the answer. Protein has good benefits for skin, fur, nails, and cat antibodies. In addition, amino acids from protein can be converted into glucose which is important for the brain, red blood cells, and kidneys. Protein is also useful for producing energy for cats to be able to carry out daily activities.

Well, despite having many benefits, protein has side effects that cause digestive problems. This can happen if your cat doesn’t digest protein easily or is allergic to it.

But, you dont have to worry. If your cat cannot eat regular protein, we recommend choosing one that is easy to digest. That way, the cat can absorb the nutrients from the protein it needs.

In addition to easy-to-digest protein, you can also choose products that use a single protein source, such as hydrolyzed protein. Hydrolyzed protein itself is a protein that has been broken down into smaller protein forms that are easy to consume.

Vitamins A, B, C, and E With a Combination of Fish Oil To fatten Cats

Not only eating foods full of nutrients, vitamins are also needed for a healthy and fat cat. Vitamins should also be consumed regularly and not just occasionally so that the benefits are more visible. Here, we will discuss vitamins that can fatten cats.

Vitamins that are useful for fattening cats usually contain vitamins A, B, C, and E combined with fish oil.

This combination of vitamins with fish oil aims to increase your cat’s appetite. If the appetite increases, the cat will quickly gain weight with healthy skin and coat.

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Vitamin E, Omega 3 and 6 Fats for Beautiful Hair

After discussing the content needed by the inside of the cat’s body, we will discuss health from the outside. Vitamin E and omega 3 and 6 fats are nutrients that play an important role in the health of your cat’s coat.

Omega 3 and 6 fats are basically beneficial for keeping cats from being prone to inflammatory problems. Cat fur will grow healthy and beautiful if he avoids these skin problems.

Meanwhile, vitamin E is useful to help improve skin health. This vitamin also prevents the occurrence of various kinds of problems on the cat’s skin. Our advice, make sure your beloved cat consumes these three nutrients as recommended.

Vitamins A, D and E for Pregnant Cats

If a cat that does not contain only needs vitamins, of course pregnant cats need it more. Some of these vitamins that must be consumed provide benefits so that the mother cat’s immune system is maintained properly.

In addition to the parent, this vitamin is also useful as a supplement for the fetus in the womb. That way, the kittens will grow up healthy after birth.

What vitamins are suitable for pregnant cats? Products containing vitamins A, D, and E have good nutrition for the mother cat and her fetus.

Therefore, make sure the nutritional needs of the mother and child are met by choosing the right product.

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Vitamins A, B, D, E, K and Fish Oil for Kittens

If your kittens are seven or eight weeks old, it’s time for them to be weaned from their mother.

It is during this weaning period that they need additional nutrients, one of which is vitamins. Kittens need vitamins to help their growth and maintain their immune system.

For growth, your little one needs vitamins A, B, D, E, and K, which help blood clot.

However, in addition to vitamins, you may need additional fish oil to increase his appetite. That way, your kitten will have complete nutrition to grow healthy.

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Nutritional Supplements For Cats Recommendation

nutritional supplements for cats

Because there are more and more cat lovers nowadays, it is not difficult to buy supplements for cats. You can buy it at pet shops, pharmacies for animals, to veterinarians.

Of course, the price of cat vitamin products is clearly diverse, where the higher the quality, the more expensive it is. So as not to be mistaken, the following are recommendations for nutritional supplements for cats:

  • Nutri+gen
  • Virbac Megaderm
  • FaVor
  • Vitamin Ketwol Drops
  • Kitzyme
  • Vitamin Excel
  • Vitamin Dermatrix
  • Ovula Cat
  • Derma Cat
  • Pussy Drop
  • Degrow
  • Vita Gel

To get the above products you can come to the nearest pet store or online store. Don’t forget to read the uses and content contained in each of the products above, and adjust them to the needs of the cat you have.

Give nutritional supplements for cats that are most needed by your cat so that it is not wrong and excessive for the health of your beloved cats.

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