7 Persian Cat Cutest and How To Care For Them

persian cat

petsofusa.comPersian Cat are famous for being adorable. The cat, which comes from an old Iranian name, is already popular among cat lovers. The characteristics of the Persian Cat are unique and this is what distinguishes it from other types of cats.

Persian Cat body is generally fat, fat, and large. The shape of the nose is also more snub and round-faced.

Long hair is the main feature that makes it stand out. Talking about nature, Persian Cat are known to be spoiled, gentle, and calm. He is also a cat who is very affectionate and easy to adapt to new environments.

It’s no wonder that keeping Persian Cat is a favorite of children. Moreover, you also don’t need to worry that this cat likes to leave the house because he is more comfortable in the room to maintain the condition of his thick fur.

Characteristics of Persian Cat

Before knowing more about the Persian Cat and its various types which are very adorable, it would be nice to know the characteristics of the Persian cat. So that in maintenance you are not wrong in taking care of it.

Just like humans, pets also have different characteristics. Persian cats also have their own characteristics and you have to know what makes them unique so that you can win the heart of the cat and make it more obedient.

1. Persian Cat Personality

Persian Cat is one type of cat that has a calm personality. This cat needs a little time so that you and the rest of the family can become more familiar with your cat.

At first it may not be easy to get the heart of a Persian Cat. You have to be careful when the Persian cat feels uncomfortable because he will not hesitate to get angry and scratch at anyone who makes him feel annoyed.

However, if your Persian cat has calmed down and trusts to be around you, this cat can be a loyal pet and will always want to be around the rest of the family in your home.

2. Persian Cat Lifestyle

Persian Cat generally prefer to live alone. When you adopt this type of cat for the first time, the cat will at first prefer to be alone and away from people he still doesn’t know.

This cat will also prefer to be in a house that is not too crowded because he will feel disturbed and nervous. A nervous cat will get sick more easily and isolate himself more and more away from other people.

An easy way to steal a Persian cat’s heart is to regularly invite him to play by using fur tied to a rope or by using a ball thrown at him to chase. One of the characteristics of the Persian cat is that he is very lazy so his body tends to be fat.

Persian Cat Breed

If you are interested in owning and caring for a Persian cat, then you must first identify what types of Persian cats are around you. By knowing the type of cat, it will be easier for you to know how to care for it to recognize its different nutritional needs.

Below are some types of Persian Cat that you need to know:

1. Persian Particolor

persian cat

Persian particolor is one of the Persian breeds that has interesting and unique color gradations. This type of cat has a luxurious appearance because of the color of its fur which tends to be golden which is graded beautifully. This breed of cat also has brownish-orange eye color and looks similar to the color of its fur.

2. Persian Bicolor

persian cat

Maybe you rarely hear of this Persian breed. You can recognize a bicolor persian cat by its fur which has a pattern with two different colors. In addition, the eyes of this cat have a golden color and make it look different from other breeds.

3. Persian Flat Nose

persian cat

The flat nose Persian is one of the most popular types of Persian breeds, especially among cat lovers. As the name implies, this cat has a small, snub nose that makes his face look flat because his nose is at eye level.

In general, flat nose Persian Cat have thick fur so you have to bathe them more regularly or take them to a vet salon to avoid annoying fleas. Also, be sure to keep things that break easily in your home away, as these cats love to be in high places such as on tables or cupboards.

4. Persian Peak Nose

persian cat

Persian peak nose is one of the Persian breeds that is known to have a fantastic selling price. Peak nose Persian cat is a cat that has the most flat nose, flat and small. The more snug the nose is from the peak nose and the breed is guaranteed, you can find this cat with a price range of over Rp. 10 million.

You need to note that peak nose cats have a more susceptible resistance than other breeds, that’s why you should treat them and give them vaccines quickly before they get sick.

5. Persian Medium

persian cat

One of the Persian breeds that is quite common is the Persian medium. Persian cat with this breed has a nose that is not too snub and not too sharp. This medium Persian cat also has very thick fur and requires very good care so that it does not fall out easily and gets dirty.

Even so, the medium Persian cat has a better immune system than the peak nose Persian Cat.

6. Persian Tabby

persian cat

Unlike other Persian breeds, the Persian Tabby is very active and likes to interact with anyone. Cats with this breed are one of the best choices, especially for those of you who have never cared for or kept animals before. This cat is also very vocal and always wants to be accompanied by you or other family members.

7. Himalayan Persian

persian cat

One of the most popular Persian breeds is the Himalayan Persian. The Persian Himalayan cat can be identified by its fur which has a dark pattern on the head or face. In addition, Himalayan ******** have dark feet and make them look very cute. This cat breed is also known as one of the very healthy breeds and has a life expectancy of up to 15 years if properly cared for.

Persian Cat and How to Care for It?

The following is the best way to care for a Persian Cat so that the Persian cat stays healthy and has beautiful fur and also does not fall out easily.

1. Prepare The Cage and Keep It Clean

The cage can be the right place for Persian cats to rest. Make sure the cage is intended for Persian cats, meaning that the cage size is right and there is sufficient air ventilation.

Mama can place the cage in a slightly open room, so that air circulation in the cage is also smooth, plus sunlight can still enter.

In addition, make sure the cat’s cage is always kept clean. Starting from cleaning up the remnants of falling food to cleaning the cage regularly.

Dirty and untreated cages can be a breeding ground for disease, especially Persian cats are more susceptible to disease than domestic short hair cats.

2. Provide a Special Place To Eat and Drink

Even though they are accessories, it turns out that special places to eat and drink help Mama keep the house clean. Cats can eat without being messy or scattered everywhere.

Better find a place to eat that also has a place to drink. In one container there are two holes, one for feed, one for drinking water. Make sure the hole isn’t too concave, Ma, considering that the Persian Cat tongue is relatively short.

Put the place to eat in the same position. So, the cat can also know where he can look for food.

3. Provide Healthy and Nutritious Food

Just like children, Persian cats also need healthy and nutritious food. Not just any food, like leftovers. Providing your cat with quality food also supports your cat’s growth and health, especially maintaining healthy bones and coats.

Some recommended cat foods are:

  • Meat, such as chicken, duck, and beef, as well as fish (fresh fish or sea fish). The meat can be boiled first and finely chopped to make it easier to chew.
  • Factory made food. Usually available in two types, namely dry food and wet / canned food.

Meanwhile, you also need to provide water for the cat to drink. If you want to give milk, you can’t just give any milk. Use special milk for cats, not milk for humans because the content in it is different.

4. Bathing The Cat Once a Week

You certainly know that cats have the ability to maintain their own body hygiene by licking their body parts. However, this method is sometimes not enough to make the cat’s body perfectly clean.

So, you need to bathe your Persian Cat once a week with a special cat shampoo. After bathing, dry the fur with a clean towel and hair dryer. Then, comb the hair to make it neat and remove the dead hair.

5. Prepare Sand, Sand Bin and Gutters

If you usually keep cats, you are certainly no stranger to the function of sand. Sand is often used as a medium to reduce odors and dry cat litter. For Persian Cat, you can use zeolite type sand.

You are also advised to replace it at least every 3 days, considering its function is to be a place for cats to make feces. If you don’t replace this litter, it can make the cat uncomfortable and stressed because the cleanliness of the environment is disturbed.

6. Clean The Cat’s Hard-To-Reach Parts

There are some parts of the cat’s body that are difficult to reach on their own and easy to get dirty. For example, in the mouth, ears, and eyes.

In the mouth, especially the teeth, cats often experience swelling of the gums. Sometimes tartar appears due to eating wet food. Cleaning after each meal can minimize the risk of a cat getting sick.

Then, the ears are often lice and there is dirt. Clean using a wet cotton swab carefully.

Meanwhile, if there is hair loss, the Persian Cat’s eyes can produce tears and irritation. You can use a cotton bud to clean the eyes.

7. Routine Vaccination

Yes, Persian cats also need vaccines, in addition to regular check-ups with the vet, giving vaccines helps maintain the cat’s immune system. So, it is safe from virus attacks or other diseases.

In addition to vaccines, Persian Cat also need to be dewormed. This drug is useful for maintaining the cat’s digestion. If digestion is disturbed (eg due to diarrhea), it can make the cat’s appetite go down and it is difficult for her body to gain weight. You certainly don’t want this to happen to your pet cat, do you?

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Persian Cat are the most popular pet breed in the United States. Because Persian Cats have a very adorable body shape and have long fur, so many people like it.

In order for Persian Cats to stay healthy and have adorable fur, you have to take good care of the Persian Cats you have. Like humans, Persian Cats also need good and regular care.

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