5 Most Beautiful Pheasant Bird and How To Breed Them

pheasant bird

petsofusa.comPheasant Bird is a very unique and special type of ornamental bird. The color is rich and very beautiful that can make the eyes of anyone who sees it become enchanted. Moreover, if the pheasant bird is in the breeding season, the male pheasant bird will continue to develop its beautiful feathers. Not only that, if the female pheasant bird likes the male, she will accept it by developing her feathers which are certainly very beautiful.

Actually there are many other very beautiful types of pheasant bird. However, this time I share five types of pheasant birds that steal the most attention and are beautiful to look at.

For pheasant bird breeding itself, it is a little difficult, because you have to pay attention to the size of the cage, what type of feed is given, when he lays eggs whether he wants to incubate the eggs or not, those may be the obstacles for the pheasant bird breeders.

For that I will give an interesting review about the pheasant bird and how to care for or also how to breed the pheasant bird. Let’s see together.

Pheasant Bird and Their Types

This time I will give the most beautiful type of pheasant bird that I have managed to collect from various sources. However, there are several other types that I have not been able to provide the information for you, due to time constraints and the little information that can be obtained.

Here are the most interesting types of pheasant bird that you must know:

1. Golden Pheasant

The golden pheasant bird has the main characteristic of having a red chest feather color and has a golden crest as it is very charming. Golden Pheasant is from China then it is also called Chinese Pheasant. The bright red color makes this golden pheasant bird much sought after by pheasant bird hobbyists.

For the price itself, including the most expensive among other types. Because he has a distinctive and best feather color according to fans of this type of pheasant bird.

For the care itself, you have to be extra careful, because if you make a little mistake then the beautiful hair will fall out and lack shine. Many types of feed that can be given to pheasant birds so that the color of the feathers looks brighter and the color gets better.

The most important thing is to always pay attention to the care and cleanliness of the cage so that the golden pheasant bird still has the best color and is pleasing to the eye.

2. Yellow Golden Pheasant

pheasant bird

Yellow Golden Pheasant bird has a yellow-orange base color. It has a white tail and extends backwards. Around the neck there is a brown color that makes a very beautiful color combination. At the base of the tail there is a bright yellow color like a fresh lemon freshly picked from the tree. No wonder many people want to buy it as an ornamental bird to relieve fatigue and stress after a full day’s work.

For the price, it is quite expensive, because it has a soft and charming color. Many also buy them when they are small and take care of them so that they bring out very charming colors.

For how to care for it the same as other pheasant birds, which must pay attention to the cleanliness of the cage and also the type of feed it provides.

3. Lady Amherst Pheasant (Chrysolophus Amhrestide)

pheasant bird

Lady Amherst Pheasant bird is a very special breed. This type has a dominant white color, on its head there is a fiery red crest that makes it even more beautiful. This type also has a very long tail back and sturdy. On the tail feathers there is a slightly reddish color which makes the tail feathers more beautiful and attractive.

For the price, it is relatively expensive, because this type is a very special pheasant bird. Many breeders are looking for this breed to breed, because this type of pheasant bird is very much in demand.

4. Siamese Fireback Pheasant

pheasant bird

This type of Siamese Fireback Pheasant Bird is quite rare and rarely breeders can breed it. The dominant body color is gray. While the color of his head has a bright red color and has a crest like a crown on his head. For the tail he is not too long like other types of pheasant.

No wonder this type of people are vying to maintain it. Although rare but still has its own uniqueness that can bewitch the eyes of those who see it. This type also has a very expensive price, that’s because this type has a unique color and is also difficult to breed.

5. Ringneck Pheasant

pheasant bird

This type of Ringneck Pheasant is a type of low-class pheasant bird, so the price is not so expensive. The uniqueness of this type of ring neck pheasant is that it can detect earthquakes. This type is very sensitive to the vibrations that occur around it. So when there is an earthquake vibration he will crow very often just before the earthquake occurs.

How to Breed Pheasant Birds

There are several steps that must be considered to raise pheasant birds or to maintain them as decorations at home. Here are some steps that need special attention in raising or maintaining this pheasant bird.

1. Pheasant Bird Cage

For cages that need to be considered are 2 meters long, 2 meters wide, and 2.5 meters high. This is the ideal size for a pair of pheasant birds. In the cage, try to provide wood or perches, it would be better in the cage given plant vegetation so that it looks like the wild where the habitat is cool and comfortable for pheasant birds.

Try to keep the top half of the cage closed, so that half looks shaded and half rainwater can enter. So the cage is not too humid and not too dry, so the pheasant bird will feel comfortable.

2. Pheasant Bird Care

For maintenance, which is easy, you just need to give the main feed, namely BR convid mixed with ground corn and brown rice. Then three times a week slices of mustard or kale leaves are added and sprouts are added, which serves to launch the pheasant bird’s metabolism to be smooth and undisturbed.

Then for the base of the cage, only part of the sand is given, this serves as a crusher for the food that is in the cache. Then it would be better to be given natural food such as crickets, hongkong caterpillars, cage caterpillars once a week or twice a week is enough.

Another thing to note is that the cage should not be too open, this will cause the pheasant bird to cool down and make it susceptible to disease.

Then after the pheasant bird is comfortable in its cage, it will mate and lay eggs. He will lay eggs around September – November or when the rainy season comes. Then when the time comes he will lay about 12 – 15 eggs that can be produced by a pair of pheasant birds for one year.

Then after laying eggs he does not want to incubate the eggs. So it must be taken and hatched in an incubator to incubate it. Then after hatching given care like other types of birds in general.

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Pheasant Bird is a very special species because it has a very beautiful and attractive feather color. Many people want to maintain this type because it can relieve stress or fatigue after working all day.

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