Pigeon Nest: 11 Easy Steps to Care for it

pigeon nest

Pigeon Nest

Pigeon Nest – Pigeons are one of the pet birds that are not too difficult to care for. However, the pigeon nest may be the part that you need to pay close attention to.

Because a bad and dirty pigeon nest can make pigeons unhealthy.

In addition, temperature and cleanliness are very important as well.

pigeon nest

If you only have one or two pigeons, you can take care of the pigeons by placing them in a large cage.

In addition, an outdoor pigeon cage or attic is also a suitable place to live.

pigeon nest

There are quite a few things to consider about pigeon nest and how to care for them.

Here is a full review that you must understand before adopting a pigeon at home.

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How to Take Care of Pigeon Nest

Some things to note include:

  1. Pigeons will become disoriented if you move them without giving them a new home immediately. Therefore, prepare and clean all parts of the cage before the pigeons arrive.
  2. If you buy or build your own pigeon coop, make sure the pigeon flying area faces south or southwest to maximize sunlight and away from trees or other buildings.
  3. The cage should also be kept dry as pigeons don’t like wet environments.
  4. Pigeons love to walk around, so the bottom of the cage should be covered with paper or grass. You can also line the floor with straw or wood shavings, and clean it regularly to keep it dry and free of mold.
  5. Provide plenty of strong and spacious perches.
  6. Also place a shallow bowl of water in the cage several times a week to bathe the pigeons. Leave it there for a few hours then drain the dirty water.
  7. Keep the cage out of direct sunlight and away from drafts and cats or dogs that live in the same house. If the cage is in a location close to garden lights, it’s best to cover the cage at night.
  8. External aviaries must measure 1.80 meters by 1.80 meters by 2.4 meters high. A wider cage is usually preferred.
  9. Add shelves so he can build a nest there, one of which should be as high as possible in the cage.
  10. The aviary must also be strong enough to protect it from predators.
  11. The ideal interior enclosure is rectangular and partially enclosed. Make sure there is enough room in the cage for the pigeons to move freely in the cage.

If you still have other questions about how to care for a pigeon nest, you should ask the nearest veterinarian in your city.

You can ask anything about your pet pigeon, anytime and anywhere!

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Ideal Temperature and Humidity for Pigeons

In addition to preparing the inside of the pigeon nest, you also have to pay attention to where you will place the cage and how to optimally condition the environment.

You also need to properly disinfect this environment to remove dirt and possible pathogens.

Since pigeons tend to prefer warm or temperate climates, you need to pay attention to their surroundings.

pigeon nest

However, you also need to be careful so that the air is not too dry because it will cause respiratory problems in the pigeons.

To maintain the moisture balance use a heater.

You can spray water two to three times a day at room temperature, but you shouldn’t spray water directly on the pigeon’s cage or feathers.

The ideal is to humidify the surrounding air without wetting the bird.

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Keeping the Pigeon Nest Clean

Cleanliness is one of the most important care for domestic pigeons as it will help to keep the pigeons healthy.

Remember, birds should not be in direct contact with their droppings and should not live together with leftover food and dirty water.

pigeon nest

At least once a day you need to wash the bird’s feeding and drinking area to avoid the buildup of dirt or food residue at the bottom of the cage or objects in the cage.

It’s also important not to put too much food directly into the cage as it will likely end up wasted.

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