8 Ragdoll Cat Facts and Care For It

ragdoll cat

petsofusa.comRagdoll Cat is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world with a fairly large population. Ragdoll Cat are loved for their adorable appearance with friendly characters.

Physically, the ragdoll cat has the main characteristics, namely semi-long hair which is smooth in texture and even resembles rabbit fur, has blue eyes shaped like almond seeds, large and towering ears with a distance that is not far from each other, for males weighing 12 – 20 pounds.

While the female weighs 10-15 pounds. Because of their large body, the ragdoll cat also has long legs that can support its body, a stocky stomach with broad shoulders, and a fairly long tail and is completely covered with fur.

The fur of the ragdoll cat is the charm point of this breed of cat. There are 6 color variations on the fur. Namely brown, blue, red, seal, lilac and beige. With a variety of patterns ranging from bicolor, mitted, and colorprint.

A ragdoll cat with a colorprint pattern usually looks similar to a Himalayan cat. Where the color of the fur is more inclined to dark colors, especially on the face, ears, tail and legs.

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Ragdoll Cat Facts

ragdoll cat

Ragdoll Cat are perhaps best known for their fluffy white coat and bright blue eyes. But there’s more to these beautiful cats than their looks.

The Ragdoll Cat has a very sweet and friendly personality which makes it a favorite among families and cat lovers alike.

Some Ragdoll owners even describe their dog-like nature because they are very cute, affectionate, and cuddly. Come on, see 8 interesting facts about Ragdoll cat !

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Ragdoll Cat Is Not An Old Bloodline

The Ragdoll Cat is a relatively new breed, unlike many other cat breeds. In fact, according to most people, the ragdoll breed is less than 100 years old.

Many ragdoll cat have spiky colored fur, like the Siamese cat. Thus, many believe that one of the first cats in the Ragdoll lineage could have been a Burmese or Siamese cat, or simply had similar traits.

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Ragdoll Cat Have Many Bright Blue Eyes

Ragdolls’ big, bright and blue eyes are another hallmark of this cat. However, not all ragdolls have them. All purebred ragdolls have blue eyes, but mixed breed ragdolls may have dark blue, green, or gold colored eyes that change during their youth.

Various Fur Colors

While long, white, and silky fur is one of the ragdoll’s most well-known characteristics, its coat can actually come in a very wide variety of colors.

Some common ragdoll cat colors include blue, purple, cream, and even red or orange. Many ragdolls also have spiky colored fur, like the Siamese cat.

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Temperature Can Determine Ragdoll Cat Fur Color

It’s not just genetics that contributes to the ragdoll’s coat color. Usually, a cat’s coat color is determined by several sets of genes, while the pattern in its coat is determined by a modifier gene.

Like Siamese cats, Ragdolls have a special modifier gene that prevents pigment from developing in their coats and causes albinism. However, the modifier can only affect the pigmentation of a cat’s coat at temperatures between 37 and 39 degrees Celsius.

Or when the cat is in its mother’s womb or is exposed to very warm temperatures. When the ragdoll’s body drops below 37 degrees celsius, its coat color genes reactivate and are able to transmit pigment to its fur.

Since a cat’s body usually has a lower temperature around its nose, ears, paws, and tail, that’s where the pigment usually resides.

Most ragdolls are born completely white and develop their markings during the first few weeks of life. Because they are no longer exposed to the warmth of their mother’s womb.

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One of the Biggest Cat Breeds

ragdoll cat

Like Maine Coons, Ragdolls are fairly large cats. Men can reach 9 kilograms, while women can reach up to 7 kilograms. But don’t let their large size doubt you.

Ragdoll Cat are very affectionate, funny, and love to hold you in their arms. It’s a win-win for you who will get arm and cuddle exercises with your sweet kitty!

The Fur Is Not Easy To Fall Out and Easy To Take Care Of

Despite their long and silky coat, the Ragdoll cat does not shed much. And if you compare it to other cats, it is very easy to care for.

Because Ragdoll does not have a thick undercoat and is not prone to matting. All you have to do to keep his coat clean and healthy is brush it several times a week.

You must take care of the beauty and health of your cat’s fur. A ragdoll’s long coat can cause tangles. Use this tool to detangle, remove hair and dead under skin. Buy a bristle brush that can be used for all types of bristles, from short, to long, to thick.

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Ragdoll Cat Slow to Adults

Not only refers to their pleasant personality. However, ragdoll cat are not considered fully mature until they reach four years of age.

Considered a “slow-adult” breeds, Ragdolls cat will continue to grow. And their coat color and pattern will probably continue to change until they are about four years old.

Ragdoll Cat Are Very Adorable

Ragdoll really likes you baby and hugs. So much so that they actually limp when you carry them (because they are so relaxed). Just like a ragdoll toy!

What’s more, many other ragdolls will let you dress them up in cute little outfits.

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Ragdoll Cat and Their Care

ragdoll cat

In terms of its own character, the ragdoll cat is a favorite of cat lovers because it is kind, friendly, has a soft voice, is spoiled, friendly, considerate, does not like to disturb and likes to play.

Ragdoll is one type of cat that can be trained because it has high intelligence. This cat is also often referred to as a puppycat because it likes to be around its owner.

Likes to go everywhere, likes to stroke the owner’s feet, and not infrequently he also likes to appear suddenly.

Every cat owner certainly doesn’t want his beloved cat to get sick because of improper care. Especially for purebred cats, which are purchased at high prices, it would be a waste if the cat fell ill or even died due to the wrong treatment.

For that, those who have cats, should also understand that caring for them is necessary. Especially how to care for a ragdoll cat that must be done properly so that the cat avoids stress, as in the review below.

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1. Bathing a Ragdoll Cat Regularly

The most important way to care for a ragdoll cat is to bathe it regularly. Because this cat has thick fur and semi-long hair, the fur care must be done regularly.

How to bathe a ragdoll cat is almost the same as how to bathe a cat in general. Use lukewarm water when you start bathing your cat to make it more comfortable and easier to bathe.

Next use a special cat shampoo that contains anti-flea. The goal is to keep the ragdoll cat’s fur healthy and protected from fleas.

Shampoo should have minimal chemical content and do not use one that has a strong perfume scent. Avoid using human shampoo on cats even if it is a shampoo for children. Because it’s not suitable for cats.

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2. Combing Ragdoll Cat Fur

After the cat is bathed, it should be dried using a soft towel. If you can dry it in the morning sun so that it can kill the remaining bacteria and germs.

Then the ragdoll cat’s fur is combed gently and passionately for the cat to feel comfortable and the tangles are lifted. Brushing your ragdoll cat’s fur regularly can also prevent cat hair loss.

3. Giving Nutritious Food

Ragdoll cats also need a nutritious diet. Feed for ragdoll cats can be purchased at pet shops. It is better not to give only one type of feed, but two types of feed, namely dry feed and wet feed.

The frequency of feeding is enough 2 times a day with the right dose for cats. Also give a light snack at night so that the cat avoids obesity.

In addition to food, don’t forget to give it a drink too. Provide a special drinking container in the form of a bowl and filled with boiled and clean water. Provide as much water as possible at all times.

Make sure to regularly change the water in the bowl once a day and clean the container. Feed containers for cats should also be cleaned every time the cat finishes eating so it doesn’t become a breeding ground for disease.

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4. Taking Time to Play

ragdoll cat

The ragdoll cat is a playful, spoiled, and loving cat breed. That way the owner must be willing to take the time to invite the ragdoll cat to play. This is one way of caring for a ragdoll cat that is often overlooked by most cat owners.

Getting your ragdoll cat to play is important. Especially if the ragdoll cat is kept indoors only and there are no other cat companions.

Ragdoll cats will feel lonely and may even experience stress due to lack of interaction. For that, as a ragdoll cat owner, don’t forget to take the time to invite the cat to play.

This cat can also be trained, so what’s wrong with trying a ragdoll cat with basic commands like dog owners do, for example sitting, rolling, jumping, and so on.

5. Keeping the Cage Clean

A clean living environment is very liked by ragdoll cat, considering that these cats also like cleanliness. Not only cleanliness in eating and drinking utensils, but also cleanliness in the house.

Routinely clean the house, especially on carpets, sofas, beds, and other furniture commonly occupied by cats. Usually the hairs that fall out will be scattered and must be cleaned. How to clean the hairs that fall out is to use a special tool.

Also pay attention to the cleanliness of the cat’s toilet. If it is rarely cleaned, it will cause an unpleasant odor and will make the cat reluctant to defecate there again.

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Ragdoll Cat is a very adorable cat breed. So take care of this ragdoll cat with tenderness and affection so that the ragdoll cat stays healthy and adorable.

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