7 Savannah Cat Characteristics You Must Know !

savannah cat

petsofusa.comSavannah Cat -At first glance when you see a savannah cat, you may be confused whether it is a cat or a cub. The reason is, this one cat is indeed a bigger stature and has a spotted like a tiger. Moreover, his movements were agile, with strong muscles and long, sharp canines.

The Savannah cat is very popular because even though it is a domestic cat, it has a slightly wild nature that is very challenging. In addition, the appearance is indeed beautiful, with soft and silky hair.

However, before deciding to keep this savannah cat, it helps you understand the ins and outs of its characteristics and care first.

Savannah Cat History

savannah cat

The history of the savannah cat cannot be separated from the role of a bengal cat breeder from the United States. This woman named Judee Frank bred a male serval cat and a female Siamese cat.

The two cats owned by Suzi Woods finally gave birth to a new breed in 1986, which was later named the savannah (savannah cat).

This name refers to the original habitat of the serval cat on the African continent. Although very popular among cat enthusiasts in the late 1990s, this breed was only officially recognized by TICA (The International Cat Association) in 2001.

Over time, the savannah cat was produced not only from the mating of the serval and the Siamese, but also between the serval cat with the bengal and egyptian mau.

You may not be too surprised by the price of a bengal cat which is usually not up to tens of millions. However, the price of the savannah cat is very high, competing with the serval cat, even up to hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

Savannah Cat Characteristics

savannah cat

Before you intend to keep a savannah cat, it would be nice for you to know what the characteristics of this savannah cat are so that you can take care of it as well as possible. Here’s the information for you.

1. Looks Like a Wolf or a Tiger

You could say this savannah cat has several unique physical characteristics if we compare it to Siamese cats or other types in general. If you notice at a glance, these cats look like wolves or tigers because of their large bodies.

2. Is a Type of Wild Cat

In addition, the spooky face of this savanna cat is clearly visible with its long canine teeth. Having such a stature is actually a natural thing because this type of cat is a wild cat that usually lives in forests or meadows.

3. Good Hunt

With sharp fangs, this savannah cat is very good at hunting, even some people are very afraid to approach this cat. In addition, this cat has a long and slender build which makes it very agile and active.

4. Different from Decorative Cats

Unlike the ornamental cat, this cat has thick but short fur, more or less like a Bengal cat. Its very flexible body makes it easy for this cat to climb or hang from one pole or tree to another.

5. Have a Sturdy Body

Although it looks small, this savanna cat has a sturdy body because it is supported by strong, muscular, and long legs. For the face, this savanna cat has medium-sized ears and an almost triangular shape.

6. Oval Shaped Eyes

The eyeball is now a medium oval with a yellowish tint. Where the following characteristics are quite different from short-haired exotic cats, namely round cats and have cute and adorable bodies.

7. Have Various Colors

This savannah cat has a very varied skin tone, from speckled black to speckled silver tabby, chocolate speckled tabby to speckled black smoke. In this way, the base color of this cat is a mixture of dark colors and speckles.

Savannah Cat Traits

savannah cat

In general, these cats have intelligent brains, with great curiosity. This is what causes them to learn tricks or moves very quickly when they are trained. With an excellent distance calculation, this cat has the ability to jump and move swiftly.

This cat likes to try new challenging things, such as closing or opening doors, windows, and jumping from one roof to another.

He is not afraid of water, so he will happily play in shallow puddles. You may be surprised by its ability to suddenly turn on the water tap, once you get used to seeing you do it.

The savannah cat likes to follow its owner, like a dog. Sometimes he becomes more shy, but then becomes hyperactive. It’s a good idea to attach a cat leash to make sure it doesn’t get lost while playing outside or after a walk with you.

However, he is very wary of new surroundings, other animals, and unfamiliar people. Some breeds may be more adaptable, but it still takes some time off to get used to it.

Savannah Cat Traits Every Generation

The difference in the generation of savannah cat makes these cats have different characteristics. F1 tends to be less aggressive, and doesn’t really like to socialize with children or strangers. If a new person came along, they would shy away, stay away, but still observe.

Different from F1, F2 tends to be more outgoing and likes being around people they already know and children. Most of them like to be stroked, but not comfortable on their lap.

Savannah F2 cats love to play, and because of their immense energy, they seem to want to play non-stop with those around them. The Savannah F3 has an extraordinary affinity for the family that nurtures it.

They socialize more easily with new people and some of them even enjoy the lap. This cat is most recommended because it is agile and athletic like the F1 and F2, but with a personality that is quite good as a house cat.

The F4 and F5 generation cats prefer attention, love to be played with and really enjoy being caressed by the people around them. Compared to the previous generation, the F4 and F5 are indeed less agile.

But still, when compared to domestic cats, this breed of cat is much more energetic, intelligent, and also sociable.

With the various traits of the savannah cat outlined above, you will need to be patient when handling them. There is no need to rush to get him used to the new environment.

Because once he starts to feel comfortable, you are the one who has to get ready because he really likes to explore.

Terms of Keeping a Savannah Cat

savannah cat

Keeping this one cat is not easy, because there are several conditions needed. If to keep another type of cat you just have to buy it and then provide a cage, not so with a savannah cat. The conditions include:

  1. Have an official certificate issued by a savannah cat breeding
  2. Provide a large enough room, because this breed of cat does not feel at home in a small cage kandang
  3. The room that will be used for the cat should be equipped with grass, artificial caves, trees, and a small pond.

This will all come in handy because these cats are very active and energetic.

These are the things you should have before bringing home your favorite savannah cat. If you are ready with all the equipment, then it is safe to take this cat home.

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How to Take Care of a Savannah Cat

Because the savannah cat is a hybrid, or the result of crossbreeding between a domestic cat and a wild cat, its care is somewhat different from that of a regular domestic cat. The following are some of the important things you need to pay attention to when caring for an exotic cat.

1. Bathing a Savannah Cat

The activity of bathing is not too difficult for the savannah cat, because he basically likes water. Then you can take him swimming in the pool, play in the rain, and then start introducing him to cat shampoo. Bathe this cat at least once a week.

Don’t forget to thoroughly clean the legs, especially around the nails, which may hold more dirt. Because this cat likes to be active, then cleanliness becomes more important automatically.

If on his first bath activity he gets annoyed and scratches you, don’t panic. Do not also force him to continue this activity, because he can put up an extra fight which is quite dangerous. Leave it alone, then try again in a few days.

2. Savannah Cat Food

There is a difference of opinion among cat lovers regarding the foods that can be eaten by savannah cats. Some say that these cats should only be fed fresh chicken, and not factory food.

But some others argue, dry food manufacturers also sometimes need to be given to help clean their teeth,

High quality canned foods are also recommended to meet their nutritional needs. To be clear regarding what can and cannot be given to this breed of cat, it’s a good idea to ask the official cat seller.

Provide a place to drink for him, and regularly fill it. He likes to drink, so keeping his drinking bowl clean and filled will be better for his digestion.

If there is a disease that appears, recheck the food that goes into the stomach. Talk to your doctor about what the Savannah cat can eat while she’s sick.

3. Keeping Cats Healthy

Always provide a simple first aid for your cat, such as medication such as flea medication or cat flu medication. That way, when your cat is sick, you don’t have to panic.

In addition, another important thing is to get this cat used to visit the doctor. Make a good first impression, by not forcing him to do anything, and only introducing him to the doctor who will treat him, and the situation in the clinical room.

Then, you can take him regularly for a health check to the vet. Do not forget to give him a special cat vaccination that has been recommended by the doctor. Thus, the cat will be less susceptible to disease.

This life expectancy is quite long, which is 8 to 12 years. So to be able to live that long, your cat needs to be kept healthy, and avoided from changing conditions too quickly or any situation that makes him feel depressed.

4. Physical Activity

Savannah cat really like games that require physical toughness. If there are trees and pools of water around where he lives, he will happily jump and play around them. Invite him to do a lot of physical activity, because this will actually make him feel cared for.

Provide toys for him, and replace them regularly. These cats often get bored with their toys, so rotating toys every few weeks is also a good idea. Taking the cat for a walk around the house is also very important to get rid of boredom.

5. Savannah Cat Disease

In many references, the savannah cat is a strong cat and rarely gets sick. However, there is one disease that is prone to attack this breed of cat, namely periodontal disease. This is a disease of tooth decay caused by bacteria and tartar.

This disease is prone to attack savannah cats because of their long teeth. Therefore, it is important to brush and care for his teeth regularly. Thus, abscesses (swelling) and infection will not occur in your beloved cat.

You can also ask your vet for advice on what to watch out for to prevent this disease from occurring. If you have periodontal disease, your cat will start to lose appetite.

Saliva will come out excessively, the gums can become swollen, and various other types of irritation occur that interfere with general health.

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The Savannah Cat is a very charming cat breed, although this type of cat is similar to a tiger or like a wolf. The Savannah cat is also an agile and aggressive type of cat so you have to be very careful if you want to keep it.

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