Scarlet Macaw , Bewitching Birds With Colorful Feathers

scarlet macaw

petsofusa.comScarlet Macaw is a type of parrot originating from the Americas with its large size. This bird has a characteristic red, blue and yellow color on the feathers and some scarlet macaws which also have a green color.

Scarlet means orange-red in English. Because the feathers are mostly red, the name Scarlet was given to this bird.

These colorful birds range from southeastern Mexico to the Amazon Forest in parts of Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. The Scarlet Macaw lives at an altitude of 500 – 1000 meters. Because of its beauty, the scarlet macaw is the national bird of Honduras. Honduras is a country located in Central America.

Scarlet Macaw Bird

scarlet macaw

Many people want to keep this Scarlet Macaw bird. In addition to its beautiful feather color, this bird also has a fairly strong memory, so it can be trained to interact with humans.

No wonder the scarlet macaw bird has a fairly expensive price. Because more and more people want to keep them for pets at home.

For people in the United States, owning a pet has become a basic need for its citizens. Because having a pet like this Scarlet Macaw can relieve stress after a long day at work and faced with the routine of work every day.

Because it is very suitable for citizens of the United States to maintain this type of Scarlet Macaw bird. Because if you have seen the beauty of the color of your eyelashes, your eyes will feel enchanted by the beauty of the color.

Scarlet macaw can live up to 75 years in captivity, but the average is only 40 to 50 years. The length of the scarlet macaw is about 81 centimeters with an average weight of 1 kilogram. Young Scarlet Macaws have black eyes, while adults have bright yellow eyes.

Once laying eggs, Parent Scarlet Macaw can lay as many as 3 or 5 eggs. Then he will incubate the eggs for five weeks. Scarlet macaw cubs start living alone without their parents after they are 1 year old.

Scarlet Macaw and Care

scarlet macaw

For the care of the Scarlet Macaw itself is fairly easy and can be done by anyone. But you also have to pay attention to the following things so that this beautiful bird, the witch of the eye, can provide colors that are always beautiful. Here’s the information for you.

Scarlet Macaw Cage

When the macaw scarlet enters the cage, the cage for the macaw must be at least 1.5 meters wide. Then the cage is 2 meters high. This is also the minimum cage size for a large macaw.

You can make a cage from fine wire or iron. In the macaw’s cage, it can be equipped with a perch of non-gummy logs. Because if the perch is made of gummy wood, it can poison the bird if you peck it often. The legs can be chained, or the wing feathers are cut a little so that he doesn’t fly far.

And if you keep a macaw, you better feed it twice a day, in the morning and evening. You can also provide drinking water which is also in a new state every time you give food.

Cleanliness of food and drink is also important for you to pay attention to in maintaining the health of your pet bird.

Scarlet Macaw Food

To keep the scarlet macaw bird, food should be considered. The type of feed for them is relatively easy. Because macaws like to eat fruits and seeds. But should not be given avocado or chocolate.

You can give him papaya, apples, or bananas for this scarlet macaw bird food. For seeds, it can be peanuts, almonds, or other types of grains.

To increase the nutrition of the scarlet macaw, you can buy special feed for macaws at animal shops or the like. So that this scarlet macaw can continue to move actively and stay in a healthy state.

Bathing the Scarlet Macaw

The next scarlet macaw care tip is the bath. We must do Macaw bathing at least once a week 3 or 2 days.

For the bathing process, it is quite easy, as is the case with bathing the chirping birds which are sprayed on their body parts using only plain clean water without any mixture (soap/shampoo).

After feeling that the Macaw’s fur is soaking wet, then it can be dried by placing it in a place where there is sunlight and then letting it air in a cool place.

It’s best not to bathe the scarlet macaw too often, it is feared that the bird will get sick and experience other health problems.

Scarlet Macaw Toys

For the Scarlet Macaw that we keep, we also sometimes feel stressed. Therefore, to maintain psychology and also train their skills in daily life, Macaws need at least 15 minutes for us to train and also to be invited to play.

The characteristics of Macaw birds that experience stress can be observed from the bird’s behavior.

For example, it is difficult to eat, often shouts loudly and even Macaws can pluck their own feathers. And things like this cannot be allowed to linger and must be dealt with immediately.

To overcome if the parrot that we keep is experiencing stress, that is by giving it a toy that can be bitten.

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You also need to invite interaction, but before you give toys make sure to first provide toys that are safe for Macaws. You can buy toys for the Scarlet Macaw at your local pet store, or you can buy them online.

scarlet macaw

The Scarlet Macaw is indeed a type of macaw whose feather color is very beautiful so it can bewitch anyone who sees it. Therefore, if you keep this type of macaw, pay attention to its care and health. Don’t let the scarlet macaw that you keep at home lose its color or lose its feathers, of course it’s very unfortunate.

The Scarlet Macaw is a very special bird species, so this type of bird has a fairly expensive price. Even though it is expensive, there are still many people who want to keep it as a pet at home.

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