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siamese cat

petsofusa.comSiamese Cat -One of the cats that is getting attention among cat lovers is the Siamese Cat. This is because this cat is one of the most recognized breeds in the world. In addition, it can live more than 15 years.

What is the history, characteristics, types, characteristics, prices and estimated maintenance costs? Let’s see.

The Siamese Cat originated in Thailand for more than centuries. His first appearance was at an event in London. The event was called the Crystal Palace Cat Show in the late 19th century. Initially not many liked the appearance of this cat.

After time passed, finally many people like the appearance of this cat which is very fashionable. Siamese Cat popularity grew in 1877.

At that time, the US president, Rutherford B. Hayes and the first lady received a gift of this type of cat from their diplomat who was in Thailand.

At first, the color of this cat is quite a bit, namely brown, blue, lilac point. From time to time, this cat has a different color. The patterns they have are smoke and tabby. This development occurs due to genetic mutations.

Finally, this cat has made many contributions to the image of cat breeds. Call it Himalayan Persian or Himalayan Siamese cat, Bali cat etc. The International Cat Association named this cat as a native cat of Thailand.

In Thailand this cat is known as Wichienmaat. This cat in Thailand has a dominant and distinctive fur and character.

Siamese Cat Breed

The type of Siamese Cat has various types as well as other types of cat breeds in the world. The different types of Siamese cats can be seen from the characteristics of their bodies, here are 4 types of Siamese Cat (Siamese) in the world:

Applehead Siamese Cat

siamese cat

Named Applehead because the shape of the head is exactly like an apple and the body shape is very muscular and stocky. This type of Siamese cat is actually an imported type. Many circulating today are the result of cross-breeding.

This crossbreeding occurs with shorthair, so it has a leaner posture. For face shape, this type of cat has a round and short face shape.

Traditional Siamese Cat

siamese cat

The traditional Siamese cat is the largest of the various types of Siamese cats. The shape of the face is wide with large cheeks and looks plump. This cat’s body color is almost the same as the coat color of other siamese cats, which is a combination of pale white and dark brown. Despite the large cheeks, this cat has a sharp nose and is not like a Persian cat.

This type of cat is the largest of the group. In terms of color, this cat looks the same as the fur of other Siamese cats. In addition, the shape of his face is hollow, wide and has big cheeks.

Even so, the shape of the cat’s nose is very interesting. Having a sharp nose is one of the characteristics of this cat breed.

Modern Siamese Cat

siamese cat

Next is the modern Siamese cat, which is the slimmest type of Siamese cat compared to other types of Siamese cats. This cat is better known as the Lynx, a constellation that has a cat symbol.

The body of this type of Siamese cat is slimmer than other Siamese cats with a weight of about 5 to 7 kg. In addition, the modern Siamese cat has an albino color with a white dominant body color and a light brown face.

This breed is a cross between a traditional Siamese cat and a classic Siamese cat. That is why, modern Siamese into the type of Siamese cat produced from genetic engineering.

The physical characteristics of the modern Siamese are a fairly slender body, a long nose, and large, pointed ears.

Classic Siamese Cat

siamese cat

Broadly speaking, this type of Siamese Cat has the same body shape as the traditional breed. It’s just that his stature is smaller.

This classic Siamese breed has a longer tail and legs. In addition, the appearance also looks long when juxtaposed with the traditional Siamese cat.

Unfortunately, this type of cat can only survive up to five years. This type of cat is difficult to maintain because it has few health problems.

Siamese Cat Characteristics

For those of you who want to buy a siamese cat, you can find out the characteristics of this type of cat so you don’t get it wrong. This cat is considered a unique and diverse cat. Therefore, identify the characteristics properly. This cat is a unique cat with different breeds, but basically has the same color pattern.

Siamese Cat Body Shape

Although there are many similarities with the body shape of a domestic cat, there are several things that distinguish it.

The Siamese cat has a body shape that is long and tall and wider. For height, this cat has a height between 50 -60 cm. The average body weight for female cats is 5 kg and male cats 7 kg.

Siamese Cat Fur

In general, the Siamese cat has a short coat with a mixture of brown and pale white. The long tail is usually brown. What’s even more interesting is that the older the cat, the darker the color of the cat.

Siamese Cat Face Shape

This cat’s face shape is quite unique. How not, the head tends to be small, flat and thin cheeks. What is the shape of the lips?

His lips are snout-shaped like a dog’s lips and very stiff ears. It is the same as a wolf’s ear. However, this Thai native cat has very charming eyes. There are different colors for her eyes.

This cat’s eye color is blue, black with sharp highlights, yellowish and white.

Siamese Cat Color Pattern

Each type of cat has a different color pattern. What are the points of this type of cat? There are 4 color patterns recognized by the World Cat Association.

1. Seal Color Pattern

This color pattern is usually located on the lower legs, face and tip of the tail. The point is at the end of the tail which is very dark brown or black.

2. Blue Color Pattern

This pattern is also known as blue point siamese. In this color pattern, the cat has a gray color. Not infrequently this cat is called a gray Siamese cat. Has a little fur and has a white blur.

3. Brown Color Pattern

Chocolate dominates this cat’s body. The light brown part is on the nose and cream on the legs.

4. Lilac Color Pattern

This color pattern certainly has a lighter color. Of course, the dominant color is lilac. Brown color is also present in this cat but not as dense as the brown color pattern.

5. Cream Color Pattern

Of the color patterns mentioned above, this color pattern is the brightest. Cats with this color can be seen from the face, nose and legs. As for the tail, this color pattern is similar to pink.

How to Take Care of Siamese Cat?

The average age of this cat is 15 years. However, there are also those who can survive until the age of 5 years. So, how do you take care of them so they can live longer?

1. Feeding Siamese Cats

Like other cats, proper and regular feeding is a must. Not without reason, other than to survive, it is important to maintain his endurance.

What foods can be given to Siamese Cats?

For this cat, you can feed it meat or fish. Don’t forget to cook before feeding. If you don’t have enough time to cook for yourself, it’s a good idea to buy canned food.

Canned food is considered a fast food, but still pay attention to the nutritional value. In order for your cat to be healthy and well nourished, regular feeding is very important.

Like humans, cats also need to be fed three times a day. In fact, for a kitten you can give up to four times. If the employer provides food regularly, this will prevent the cat from looking for food on its own.

If cats forage for food on their own, then they will bring from outside which is where the food will come from. Not only the origin, the nutrition is also bad so that it will result in a decrease in cat nutrition and disease. Don’t forget to give enough drinks too.

2. Cleaning the Siamese Cat’s Body

Like other cat care, maintaining body hygiene is very important. There are two options that can be done. In the case of bathing, you can bathe yourself or take it to a pet shop.

If you want to bathe yourself, prepare equipment such as towels, shampoo, bucket and water. Bathe Siamese Cats with a special cat shampoo.

When finished, rinse with water and dry with a dry towel or hairdryer. Just do it slowly so the cat doesn’t feel pain.

Don’t forget to thoroughly dry your cat. After the bath, there are several other things you can do. For example cleaning other body parts.

What body parts can be cleaned?

Siamese Cat Ears

Siamese cat ears are also quite sensitive. Clean the ears with a gentle ear cleaner. Ear cleaning is highly recommended so that cats avoid ear fleas. Can’t imagine right?

Siamese Cat Nails

Nails are also a place where bacteria and microbial substances enter the Siamese cat’s body. Not only microbes, but parasites can also enter. If you have this, the cat’s health will be very disturbed.

How to cut this type of cat’s nails should be done by using a special cat nail clipper. This is done for two reasons. The first is for your safety and to monitor parasites entering the cat’s body. In essence, keeping the cat’s body clean is a must.

If the cat is in the nature of the house, it will be very influential. If the cat in your house is clean, then your house will be clean and free from disease.

3. Clean the Cat Litter Tub

The dirt tub is indeed the laziest thing to clean. If you are lazy, it will affect the health of the cat and the environment. The advice that can be given is to replace the sewage tub every day. In this case it is replacing the sand.

You can imagine if you don’t replace it every day, then the smell it causes can be unpleasant. There’s actually a way to get around this. You can buy cat litter.

The sand is fragrant enough that when you forget to change it, the smell around you still smells good. This doesn’t mean you can’t go wrong with replacement. Even if you use scented sand, change it every day to make your cat comfortable.

If you really keep the litter box clean, there’s no reason for a cat to be able to poop in an uncomfortable manner. Make no mistake, cats can also feel whether the litter box is clean or not.

There are some cats who find the litter box very dirty, it will move to another place. In essence, if the trash can is clean, the environment around you is also clean.

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4. Giving Cat Vaccines

For most cat lovers, vaccinating is definitely a must. This vaccine can be done at the vet. Giving vaccines is the same as showing affection for pets, including cats.

Vaccines that can be done are about animal diseases. Some of the vaccines are influenza, rabies and even corona. In addition, vaccines are also useful as a way to increase body resistance. This immune system is very important so that your beloved cat avoids disease.

5. Cleaning Siamese Cat Fur

Most people are afraid of cat fur. For that it is necessary to clean the fur to be free from fleas and dirt. Although this cat’s fur is short, cleaning the fur must still be done. This is to avoid entering fleas and dirt.

These impurities can be anything like dust and even microorganisms. It is recommended to wear a mask when cleaning the fur. How to clean it is by combing it gently, wet both palms. After wetting the palms, wipe all over the body.

Siamese Cat is one type of cat that has many fans. Not only in America, this type of cat is loved by people from all over the world. The distinctive color makes this type of cat often used as a pet at home.

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