3 Silver Arowana Most Wanted by Collectors in America

silver arowana

petsofusa.comSilver Arowana or known as the Indonesian Silver Arowana is one type of arowana fish that is loved by the community. Silver Arowana including fish endemic to the island of Borneo in Indonesia. Arowana hobbyists and breeders know this species as the Red Banjar.

Silver Arowana body is generally elongated with a dark green color on the back. The scales are almost entirely dark silver with a faint olive green ring of scales.

The upstream area of ​​a large river with calm and clear waters with a water acidity (pH) of more than 6 is a favorite habitat for the Silver Arowana.

Sometimes, Silver Arowana is also found in fast-flowing rivers. This type also includes the mouth brooder type which protects the eggs and juveniles in the mouth. Silver Arowana eggs are quite large compared to other types of Arowana.

In the wild, Silver Arowana usually hunts small fish or aquatic insects as food. Silver Arowana is a type of predatory fish. This fish also includes territorial fish, which likes to protect its territory from disturbances by other fish that want to find food in its territory.

This type of Silver Arowana fish is quite rare, because it has a unique color and is rarely found in the wild. Therefore, special skills are needed to breed them.

Silver Arowana Most Wanted

When this is known, the 3 variants of the Silver Arowana are the most sought after by hobbyists based on the color of the dorsal fin, anal fin and tail fin, namely:

1. Greytail silver (Pinoh)

silver arowana

This fish has a green/grey fin variant having a distribution area in the Melawi and Pinoh rivers (a tributary of the Kapuas River) so that sometimes this variant is also called Arowana Pinoh. The price of the Pinoh Arowana is slightly higher than the green Arowana, therefore many people like this type of fish.

This fish runs slowly, so if it is placed in an aquarium, its beauty will look very charming. But make no mistake, if this fish is hungry, he becomes very aggressive. For that you should always pay attention to this arowana fish feed.

2. Yellowtail Silver (Yellow Banjar)

silver arowana

This type of fish is known to only have a limited distribution in the Barito River, Central Kalimantan and South Kalimantan, Indonesia. This type of fish has an exotic body when swimming in clear water. This fish food is insects and other small fish. Shrimp is also a favorite food of this type of fish.

Many admire this type of fish, no wonder this fish has a fairly expensive price among other ornamental fish.

3. Redtail Silver (Red Banjar)

silver arowana

The price of Banjar Red is the most expensive among all the Silver Arowana variants. Because this type of fish has the most beautiful color among other types of Silver Arowana fish. Its reddish fins make this fish look elegant and charming.

Many of these fish hobbyists are willing to spend a lot of money just to have this type of fish. No wonder this type of fish has a fairly expensive price compared to other types of silver arowana fish.

How to Take Care of Silver Arowana Fish?

For those of you who intend to keep or already have this fish as an ornamental fish especially Silver Arowana in your home, in this article you will share tips on how to care for silver arowana fish as additional knowledge for you silver arowana to be applied in your daily silver arowana care. see the following description and explanation:

Protein Needs

In the care of silver arowana fish, the most needed and useful nutrition for its growth is feed that contains protein. High protein will increase its potential for faster growth. With high protein, adult silver arowana fish that are treated by humans as ornamental fish can reach 60 cm.

Protein will help your silver arowana grow bigger and have a longer life compared to silver arowana fish that are fed a low protein diet. Protein also makes the silver skin glow and look clean.

Aquarium Size

As we know that adult silver arowana fish can grow up to 60 cm, silver arowana fish are active fish. To create comfort in movement and growth,

You must provide an aquarium large enough for him. The right aquarium size is approximately 3 times the length of the pond and the width of the pond is 1.5 times the length of the fish, approximately 3.5 meters.

Silver arowana fish in the real world can jump up to 2 to 2.5 meters to win insects on tree branches. If you place it in an aquarium that does not match its body size, the fish will feel uncomfortable and may jump out of the pond.

Try not to put more than one adult silver arowana fish in one pond, it is feared they will fight, it is much better for you to distinguish the aquarium if you have more than one silver arowana fish.

Aquarium Cover

This is important for silver arowana fish as previously explained that silver arowana fish is a very active type of fish.

Usually the fish jumps when it sees insects around it even though you have fed it because it is in its nature. To prevent this, cover the tank so that it has a limit and cannot jump out.

Water Replacement in Aquarium

Sanitation or water cleanliness needs to be considered in the treatment of arowana water cycle. If doing a total replacement at least do it every 3 months.

If you gradually replace about 10% of the total aquarium water, do it every 2 days so that your silver arowana fish and aquarium always look healthy, fresh, and fun.

Aerator Equipment

Aerator is a tool to supply air into the aquarium and evaporate or remove dirt out of the aquarium. This tool is driven by an electric current.

Aerators are needed by silver arowana fish because they are able to improve air circulation in the aquarium pond so that ornamental arowana fish can feel calm and swim freely like when they live in the wild.

Aquarium Filters

The aquarium filter is also very much needed by silver arowana fish. Cleanliness plays an important role in its comfort and growth. Cleanliness and health of the water affect the health of your ornamental arowana fish.

In addition to that in terms of aesthetics, dirty water will cause the aquarium to look like an untreated pond. That’s why an aquarium filter is needed to filter the water. The un aquarium filter is able to suck up water and return it to a clean condition.

Ideal Water Temperature and pH

Provide the appropriate temperature and pH conditions so that the ornamental arowana fish can live healthy as in their original nature. The ideal temperature for silver arowana fish is 25 to 27.

You can install a thermometer to measure the temperature in the aquarium at any time. While the best pH is 6 to 8.5, if the pH is too low then you can add lime to the aquarum.

Feed Type

The main food of silver arowana fish is centipede. But you need to provide a variety of menus, do not give centipede continuously. Various types of good feed for silver arowana fish are shrimp, cockroaches, frogs, centipedes, lizards, and crickets.

These foods are very favored by silver arowana fish, they also have a high protein content which is good for their health.

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Silver Arowana has three very impressive types, namely Greytail silver (Pinoh), Yellowtail Silver (Yellow Banjar), Redtail Silver (Red Banjar). These three types of fish have the beauty of their respective colors, so they have different price variants.

The maintenance of Silver Arowana is actually very easy, you just need to pay attention to the feed and the cleanliness of the water so that the fish stay healthy and actively move.

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