Super Red Arowana to Get Red Fast, Here are 2 Easy Steps

super red arowana

petsofusa.comSuper Red Arowana fish is believed by people in China as one of the animals that bring good luck. Its characteristics have certain characteristics and are easily recognizable, ranging from its long shape, its large round scales and eyes and its interesting color variations.

This fish is a species of freshwater fish from the family Osteoglossidae that has existed since the Cretaceous period (Crestaceous period) about 252 to 65 million years ago.

The population is in various parts of the world such as South America, Asia, and Africa with its long shape, distinctive colors and has scales like a dragon.

There are many types of Arowana Fish, including Super Red Arowana which has won the hearts of many ornamental fish lovers from all over the world.

Of all the local fish species, Super Red Arowana has the highest caste. In terms of appearance, this fish is quite attention-grabbing, so it deserves a fantastic price appreciation.

Super Red Arowana and How to Make Fast Red

super red arowana

There are lots of ornamental fish hobbyists who like arowana fish especially Super Red Arowana. Even though the price is up to thousands of dollars, the fact is that fans of arowana fish have never subsided. Arowana fish are in great demand because they have such an attractive charm.

You could say there is no other freshwater fish whose beauty can beat this fish. Arowana fish seems to have a perfect face, a combination of bright colors with graceful movements.

Those of you who have kept Super Red Arowana fish definitely want the color of the fish to be brighter, right? It is true. One of the determining factors for the beauty of an ornamental fish lies in how bright the color of the fish’s body is.

Super Red Arowana fish that are brightly colored will definitely increase in value. Because fish that have a reddish to very red color, this looks more clear in the water and its elegance feels strong.

There are at least 2 ways that can be done to increase the brightness level of the Super Red Arowana fish color, including the natural method and the artificial method.

Natural Ways to Make Super Red Arowana Redder

super red arowana

Super Red Arowana fish can basically be made redder using natural ways. Here we can maintain the condition of the water environment in the aquarium and provide useful food to brighten the color.

It is known that carotenoids can improve the color quality of ornamental fish. You can get this substance from carrots, shrimp, and crickets. Make these feeds the main food for arowana fish. The color of the fish will become lighter little by little.

There are also other substances that can also brighten the body color of Super Red Arowana fish. Among them are spirulina and ataxanthin. But unfortunately arowana fish will not want to eat this substance if given directly for granted. Need tricks to get this substance into the body of the fish.

The trick is that you can mix these substances with the vegetables eaten by the crickets. Only then can you give the crickets to the arowana fish. In this way, spirulina and ataxanthin can enter the body of Super Red Arowana.

Artificial Ways to Make Super Red Arowana Redder

super red arowana

An artificial way to increase the brightness of the color of Super Red Arowana fish can be through the tanning process. This method is done by utilizing the irradiation technique using special lights to cause certain effects on the fish’s body.

Usually the lamps used are UV lamps. You can install these lights in large quantities to cause radiation to Super Red Arowana fish. As a result, the color of the Super Red Arowana fish will look redder in a shorter period of time.

The size of the UV lamp power and the number of UV lamps used can be adjusted to the size of the aquarium and the posture of the fish you want to tanning. For aquariums measuring 2.5 x 1.5 x 1 m usually use a UV TFC lamp with a power of 30-40 watts with a light intensity of 38 lux.

This UV lamp is then installed in such a way that the light shines directly on the body of the arowana fish. You can place it in the corners of the aquarium or the center. Then the entire wall of the aquarium is coated with a dark sticker so that the light does not shine out.

Super Red Arowana and How To Care For It

super red arowana

Super Red Arowana requires the best care to maintain its color. If you pay less attention to care or even don’t take care of it at all, the Super Red Arowana will also fade in color. That’s what makes the Super Red Arowana color unattractive.

The following are some ways to care for Super Red Arowana in order to maintain its color quality.

1. Prepare The Aquarium

When buying a house for ornamental fish, make sure to choose one that is large enough, which is three times larger than the animal itself.

But for the first step you can buy a medium size, later over time prepare a bigger place for better fish growth, and provide more freedom of movement.

2. Maintain Water Temperature

Be sure to adjust the water temperature between 26-30 celsius to maintain the growth of Arowana fish. To get accurate results use a water thermometer, besides that don’t forget to keep the pH between 5 to 8.

3. Complete Aquarium Equipment

When deciding to keep ornamental fish you need extra equipment such as filters, aerators, TL lights, and heathers. Each tool has a different function, so make sure to complete the equipment you need.

4. Choose The Right Aquarium Decoration

Avoid using excessive decoration because even though it aims to beautify the aquarium, it can have the opposite effect, namely disturbing the growth and development of fish. Then do not use sharp-edged decorations because it will be very dangerous.

5. Keeping the Aquarium Clean

Cleanliness is very important so be sure to vacuum or scoop up dirt regularly. The reason itself is because fish waste and food in the aquarium contain sediment that will affect the health of the fish.

6. Aquarium Lighting

One of the most important things to keep your ornamental fish alive is bright light, but make sure not to set it too hot to keep your pet comfortable. As a guide, choose a lamp according to the size of the aquarium you are using.

In addition to the above treatments, also pay attention to the right food and the intensity of giving it twice a day. Then the thing that should not be forgotten is also placing the aquarium in a quiet environment and also pay attention to the number of fish you have so as not to interfere with the movement in the aquarium.

super red arowana

Super Red Arowana is in dire need of excellent care for fish health and maintaining its color. Give the best care so that the fish remain prime and have good health as well.

Do not let the Super Red Arowana not get good care, because it will cause the fish to become stressed and less healthy.

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