7 Yellow Golden Pheasant Facts That Few People Know

yellow golden pheasant

petsofusa.comYellow Golden Pheasant – Judging from the hobbyists, the Yellow Golden Pheasant type does have quite a lot of fans and hobbyists, in addition to the Golden Pheasant which was first popular and favored by its lovers. Even though it is like that, there are still those who are not very familiar with this Yellow Golden Pheasant.

As the name suggests, this Yellow Golden Pheasant has a striking yellow fur appearance that is found on several parts of its body such as the head, stomach to the waist and the tail. In addition to yellow, brown color is on the back, on the back of the head to the top of the neck is red with black stripes. On the tail the color of the fur is striated.

Yellow golden pheasant is one type of pheasant that has a special place in the hearts of ornamental poultry fans because of its very attractive color. As the name suggests, the color of this chicken is dominated by yellow all over its feathers.

Yellow Golden Pheasant Facts

yellow golden pheasant

Here are some facts about the yellow golden pheasant that you must know before keeping it so you don’t go wrong in keeping it.

1. Gender of Yellow Golden Pheasant

Yellow Golden Pheasants who are 5 months old and above, will be more recognizable by their gender. Usually for males the color of their fur will be striking compared to females. Female Yellow Pheasants tend to be duller in color. The productive age for males is more than 1.5 years old, while those at the age of 1 year are already productive.

2. Breeding Yellow Golden Pheasant

In breeding the Yellow Golden Pheasant, the same as with Pheasants or other Pheasants who cannot incubate and care for their young. Therefore, when laying eggs, eggs should be incubated using an egg incubator, so that the eggs produced are successful for hatching. This will certainly increase the number of pheasants if we want to try raising this Pheasant Bird.

Unlike the Ringneck Pheasant which lays eggs all year round, the Yellow Golden Pheasant can only lay eggs once a year. In one spawn, it can produce 7-15 eggs and there are even some sources that say that the Yellow Pheasant is able to lay about 20 eggs in one laying and will hatch on day 22-23.

3. Habitat of Yellow Golden Pheasant

Although Pheasant Birds prefer to live in the wild, this type of pheasant can be tamed. Likewise with the Yellow Golden Pheasant, this animal is a tame animal. When in captivity we can provide types of food such as vegetables, seeds, and insects such as crickets, hongkong worms, snails that have been cut into soft pieces. These animals require the availability of adequate drinking water. So it’s best if we want to maintain it, we can provide adequate drinking supplies.

4. Has cannibalism

Yellow Golden Pheasant is also a type of pheasant that has cannibalistic properties, this can happen if food intake is not met, especially foods that contain protein so that they will eat other Yellow Pheasants themselves.

5. Including Popular Bird Types

Yellow Golden Pheasant is one type of Pheasant that is quite widely recognized by ornamental bird hobbyists. With an average price that is quite expensive, it does not discourage ornamental bird hobbyists to keep Pheasant Birds. Of the various types of pheasant that exist, the Yellow Golden Pheasant is one type of pheasant bird that has quite a lot of enthusiasts. Although most of those who maintain it are hobbyists.

6. Yellow Golden Pheasant Character

Yellow Golden Pheasant comes from Europe which is a hybrid product or a cross from several types of red golden pheasant chickens. Chrysolophus pictus mut. Luteus was developed since 1952 which was then successfully purified in 1955 by an Italian professor. The advantage of the yellow pheasant compared to other types of pheasant is that they are very stubborn, resistant to various diseases and resistant to all weather. That’s why many hobbyists want to collect this yellow pheasant. Apart from its beauty and uniqueness, this ornamental chicken has proven to be stubborn, disease-resistant and hardy in all weathers.

7. Yellow Golden Pheasant Beauty

Like other types of phasianid birds, males have striking colors and attract attention. While the female pheasant yellow is bright brown. The combination of the golden pheasant female brown color with yellow.

Almost all types of pheasant chickens have beautiful, unique, strange and exotic males. They will attract the attention of females by dancing, showing off the golden yellow color, developing a crown on the neck that looks like the crown of the king of Pharaoh. This usually occurs in the breeding season. But not infrequently, active pheasant birds will do this when interacting with humans.

Yellow golden pheasant ornamental birds are very suitable to be kept in the garden or yard. Enough with a small cage 1 x 1 meter for this pair of yellow pheasant. For ornamental purposes, or perpetuity, yellow pheasant chickens do not require a large cage. Unless you aim to raise this type of pheasant bird, you will need a larger cage.

Advantages of Yellow Golden Pheasant

yellow golden pheasant

Now the yellow golden pheasant has begun to be widely developed in the wider community. Even having limited land is not a barrier to being able to maintain this yellow pheasant. Moreover, the type of food they consume can be easily found around our homes.

The advantage of this yellow pheasant is its high resistance to disease attacks compared to other poultry. They are also aggressive which actually benefits farmers because chickens become easy to adapt to new environments and are not easily stressed.

To tame them, it takes patience. When feeding, we can put food on our hands and give it directly to our chickens. That way the chicken will get used to our presence and will gradually be tame when we approach it.

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Unlike the golden pheasant which has many and beautiful color combinations, the yellow golden pheasant only has a monotonous color that is a charming golden yellow. Some collectors actually really like ornamental chickens with mono colors like this. Other names are golden yellow pheasant, yellow pheasant, or hong yellow.

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